More than two years were spent hunting for Santani’s location, and the efforts paid off – the property is a former tea plantation, tucked into an unspoilt forest in Sri Lanka’s spiritual heart. Do not expect opulent or plush furnishings here. Spread across 48 acres, the resort features deliberately minimally designed and naturally ventilated rooms devoid of televisions. WiFi is only available on demand to reward your mind with the rest it deserves. As its name, which means “in harmony with”, suggests, reconnecting with your soul comes easy here with no distractions and views of a misty, surrounding mountain range. The resort recognises that no two bodies are alike, and curates each package according to your body composition, lifestyle, emotional state and future goals. The wellness experiences are available in a variety, with ayurveda, detox, healthy living, de-stress and yoga as the main ones. There are no strict, regimented routines here – you’re free to choose, seek and thrive however you want.


Aratenna Estate, 00013, Sri Lanka

published 2022-02-24 15:00:54