Airbnb launched in 2008 and has been unstoppable since, becoming a popular alternative to old-school hotels and even hostels.

It all began when two hosts opened their home in San Francisco to their first guests. 

Today, there are over 4 million people around the globe welcoming travellers to their homes and holiday properties.

There have been a total of 900 million arrivals in over 220 countries and 100 thousand cities worldwide. 

And did you know that senior women tend to be rated the best hosts out of all other demographics?

This site has changed the way people plan and book vacation rentals.

While the heart of Airbnb is the unique hosts offering an authentic stay experience for their guests, these numbers are equally fascinating too.

Whether you’re looking to be a Host on this popular platform or simply understand Airbnb more, we have some cool statistics you might find interesting.

Let’s get right into it!

Sources: I have referenced the source of each stat, although you can head to the bottom of the post for a full roundup of all the articles and sources used here.

Popular Airbnb statistics questions

How many Airbnb listings are there?

There are 6 million active listings on Airbnb as of March 2022. There were only 300 thousand listings in 2013, which shows a twenty-times growth in only nine years.

This is an astounding number compared to the 742,728 hotels and resorts worldwide.

How many Airbnb hosts are there worldwide?

As of March 2022, there are more than 4 million hosts on Airbnb.

How much money does Airbnb make?

Airbnb recorded a revenue of $1.5 billion in 2021, which was a 78% increase from 2020.

How many Airbnb bookings were made in 2021?

300.6 million nights and experiences were booked on Airbnb in 2021, which rose from just over 193.2 million the year before.

Airbnb nights booked

How many countries have Airbnb?

There are Airbnb listings in around 220 countries and regions around the world.

More Airbnb Key Stats

  • From the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2020, active listings on Airbnb rose by an average of 1.6% per month
  • There have been over 1 billion Airbnb guest arrivals in total
  • In May 2019, an average of 2 million bookings were made every day
  • As of March 2022, there are around 100 thousand cities with active Airbnb listings
  • In 2020, there were over 14 thousand employees working at Airbnb
  • Airbnb was valued at $75 billion in 2020, more than double its value just the year before
  • An average host on Airbnb would make around $7,900 per year
  • In 2020, there were 57.8 million bookings on Airbnb, which was a dramatic decrease from the 134.7 million total in 2019
  • The gross revenue also dropped by 41% from $45.3 billions in 2019 to $26.8 billion in 2020

Airbnb quick history

  • Oct 2007: Airbed & Breakfast founded
  • Aug 2008: Airbed & Breakfast website launched
  • Mar 2009: Name changed to Airbnb & used by 10,000 users
  • Nov 2010: Airbnb app launched
  • Feb 2011: 1 million nights booked
  • Jun 2012: 10 million nights booked
  • Nov 2016: Airbnb Experiences launched
  • Dec 2020: Airbnb went public


Airbnb hosts

How many Airbnb hosts are there currently in the world?

1. There are more than 4 million hosts on Airbnb in March 2022.


According to the latest data (March 2022) from Airbnb, there are currently over 4 million hosts registered on the site.

2. By December 2019, there were a total of 399 thousand superhosts in the United States alone.


Superhosts on Airbnb refer to hosts who can provide an extraordinary experience for guests, and there were 399 thousand of them in December 2019 in the USA alone.

3. There are over 250,000 family-friendly homes listed on Airbnb.


Today, there are more than 250 thousand homes on Airbnb with family-friendly amenities. This is an especially great thing considering the recent rise of family travel.

4. In terms of host demographics, senior women are the most likely to be rated the best hosts on the platform.


Anyone can be a host on Airbnb, but time has proven that senior women tend to be the highest rated hosts when compared to other demographics.

5. In 2021, 48% of all hosts on Airbnb were women.


Airbnb hosts gender distribution

Airbnb listings

6. Among the current listings on Airbnb, there are around 90 thousand cabins, 24 thousand tiny homes, 2,800 yurts, 2,600 treehouses, and 1,600 private islands


Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb listings can take the form of almost anything, from a room in a local house to yurts and even private islands.

On the popular booking platform, there are 6.6 million homes, apartments, and unique accommodations listed.

7. There are also 300 lighthouses and 140 igloos listed on Airbnb.


Among the most unique types of properties, there are around 300 lighthouses and 140 igloos around the world where guests can spend the night.

Types of airbnb listings

8. From the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2020, active listings on Airbnb rose by an average of 1.6% per month.


Airbnb guests

How many guests do Airbnb properties welcome each year?

9. Since Airbnb operated until March 2022, there have been over 1 billion guest arrivals in total.


10. At 54%, more than half of all Airbnb guests are female.


There are generally more female guests on Airbnb than male guests.

11. In terms of age demographics, 36% Airbnb guests are between 25 and 34 years old.


15% are teenagers aged 18 to 24, while only 13% of all Airbnb guests are 55 years or older.

12. A survey amongst Airbnb guests revealed that 53% choose Airbnb over traditional hotels as it is much cheaper.


For a large majority of Airbnb guests (53%), the reason they choose it over traditional hotels is its affordability.

13. 30% use Airbnb due to the location, while 33% of respondents prefer Airbnb because it provides an “authentic experience” of the local area.


The ability to rent long-term also allows travellers and digital nomads to immerse in the local way of living.

14. In May 2019, an average of 2 million bookings were made every day.

[The Guardian]

According to the data during May 2019, Airbnb users made an average of 2 million bookings each day.

15. In 2021, 26% of nights booked via Airbnb was by people travelling alone.


Airbnb’s internal data revealed that solo travellers contributed to 26% of all nights booked on their platform.

21% of backpackers stay in an Airbnb when they travel.

Locations of Airbnb

Where are Airbnb properties located worldwide?

16. Airbnb listings are spread across more than 220 countries and regions worldwide.


17. In terms of region, Europe has the highest number of Airbnb listings, with over 2.47 million active properties in 2020.


Europe has more than 2.47 million active Airbnb listings, making it the region with the most Airbnb listings.

18. Asia Pacific comes second with nearly 1.5 million active listings. Moreover, North America has just over a million, Latin America 786 thousand, and Africa 173 thousand.


19. Europe also has the highest demand of Airbnb as it recorded 8.1 million nights in 2020.


20. North America is second with 6.4 million nights stayed back in 2020.


21. Despite having more Airbnb listings, the Asia Pacific region actually recorded fewer nights (3.8 million) stayed in 2020 compared to North America.


22. The country with the most Airbnb listings is the USA, which recorded 877,694 active listings in 2020 alone.


When it comes to individual countries, the United States has the highest number of active listings on Airbnb. There were 877,694 listings in 2020.

Listings by country

23. In second place is France with 610,765 active Airbnb listings in 2020.


As of 2020, France has 610,765 active Airbnb listings.

24. The country with the third highest listings of Airbnb properties is China, as it had 508,026 listings in 2020.


Italy, Spain, and the UK round up the top 6 countries with the most active Airbnb listings in 2020, at 406, 296, and 254 thousand listings respectively.

In Italy specifically, there are 7,275 listings in Venice and 24,383 listings in Rome.

25. Overall, as of March 2022, there are around 100 thousand cities with active Airbnb listings.


Airbnb has locations around the world, including in over 100 thousand cities.

Airbnb: the company

How much is Airbnb worth?

26. The latest valuation of Airbnb in 2020 was $75 billion, which was a significant increase from just $35 in 2019.


Airbnb was valued at $75 billion in 2020, more than double its value just the year before.

27. Between 2017 and 2020, Airbnb experienced the highest cost and expenses at $5.3 billion. This dropped to only $3.01 billion in September 2020.


28. In September 2020, Airbnb reported that the company’s total assets reached $8.73 billion.


29. In terms of revenue, Airbnb experienced a significant increase of 40% growth from 2017 to 2018, then 48% from 2018 to 2019, and -26% from 2019 to 2020.


Airbnb’s revenue steadily increased from 2017 to 2019, although the recent Coronavirus pandemic caused a massive drop of 26% in 2020.

30. Despite the increased valuation, Airbnb experienced net losses from 2017 to 2020. The loss reached a record high in 2020 when it reached $697 million.


This loss shows that the costs of running Airbnb are still higher than the revenue it generates, and the pandemic in 2020 caused an even more dramatic net loss of $697 million.

31. In 2020, there were over 14 thousand employees working at Airbnb.


This number includes data scientists, software engineers, as well as developers.

Airbnb finances and profit

How much can you make on Airbnb?

32. The latest Average Daily Rate for the active listings on Airbnb in 2021 was $137 per night.

This figure actually increased from the $110 average per night in 2020 and $106 in 2019.


Airbnb average daily rate

33. An average host on Airbnb would make around $7,900 per year.


Hosts on Airbnb make an average of $7,900 annually.

34. By October 2020, the all-time earning by Airbnb hosts was $110 billion.


Since it first operated until October 2020, Airbnb hosts had collectively made $110 billion in earnings.

35. The largest market for Airbnb is North America, where the average value of booking was $165 per night, the highest out of all other regions in 2019.


36. While Latin America had the lowest gross booking value per night, guests stayed an average of 4.1 nights, which is longer than other regions.


Airbnb listings in Latin America have a low gross booking value per night, yet guests tend to stay longer per trip (4.1 nights).

Covid-19 impact on Airbnb

How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected Airbnb listings, hosts, and bookings?

37. In 2020, there were 57.8 million bookings on Airbnb, which was a dramatic decrease from the 134.7 million total in 2019.


The number of online bookings on Airbnb in 2020 dropped by more than half from its number in 2019.

38. Likewise, the total number of nights booked on Airbnb also experienced a significant fall from 425.5 million nights in 2019 to only 242.7 million nights in 2020.


39. Due to the pandemic, booking volumes on Airbnb hit rock bottom in April 2020, when it was 86% less compared to April 2019.


Airbnb booking volumes in April 2020 decreased by 86% from the same month in 2019.

40. The average occupancy rate of Airbnb properties more than halved from 2019 (23.4%) to 2020 (11.4%).


Similarly, the average occupancy rates of active listings fell from 23.4% in 2018 to just 11.4% in 2020.

41. In 2020, gross revenue from Airbnb listings (for both the company and hosts) dropped by 41% from $45.3 billion the previous year to $26.8 billion.


42. Meanwhile, the average length of stay increased in April 2020 to 6 days.


This is because guests tended to stay for longer in countryside rentals to avoid lockdowns and more crowded areas like cities.

43. The percentage of international Airbnb guests in California in May 2020 fell to 8.3% from 19.2% in May 2019.

International tourism across the world had declined due to the pandemic. In California, this was reflected by the decrease in the portion of international guests in Airbnbs, at just 8.3% in May 2020.


As more people sign up to host travellers in their homes and Airbnb continues to be a popular choice among tourists, there is little doubt that this US-based company may remain a market leader in this industry.

Airbnb is indeed doing more than simply providing travel accommodation, but also offering rare opportunities for people to experience the world in an authentic and unique way, and to live in new destinations like locals.

While the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted things like the number of active listings, nights stayed, and occupancy rate, this drop was also experienced by other businesses.

With that said, we do think Airbnb is on a positive ascent up the global market. We hope this statistics roundup can help you understand more about this company!

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