Folks, what you’re looking at is nothing more than an off-grid trailer from Turtleback Trailers, a team out of Chandler, Arizona, a state known for its high output of RV and off-grid vehicle manufacturers and dealerships. What better place to start digging for gems.

Well, in that digging, we’ve been able to find the Adventure Concept trailer that Turtleback has whipped up as a glamping solution for folks that like to live life as in tune with nature as possible. By this, I mean that it’s a habitat meant to offer some minimal protection against the outside world. While folks may see minimal as a downside, minimal seems to be the aim when it comes to off-grid living.

Overall, Adventure boasts a galvanized tube steel chassis, a base known to be rugged and sturdy. While that’s the only mention that Turtleback makes regarding the chassis, it’s similar, if not the same, to the ones used on the other towables from this crew. With a front and rear receiver hitch, aluminum trailer skins, and air ride suspension, this little sucker seems to be packing some heat for sure. Throw on a 2,000-lb (907-kg) tongue jack and AT tires, and you shouldn’t have to worry too much about what you drag this towable through.

To get a better idea of what’s going on with the Adventure, think of it as a towable storage unit that happens to have the possibility of mounting a camping tent on top. In this case, a king-size mattress is in place; it usually sleeps up to three adults.

However, once the top tent is deployed, a habitat takes shape, and this seemingly small trailer explodes into a space that looks as big as my living room. I can sleep quite a few folks in my living room, and the five-plus guest limit that Turtleback advertises is believable; you may need to bring some inflatable mattresses.

Furthermore, that habitat isn’t all you’re going to get. Overall, the Adventure is also equipped with a two-burner stove and LP tanks, a deep-well sink with a tempered glass top, and space to bring along a fridge box or something similar.

Additionally, an electrical system is in place too, with things like a battery box, LED lighting, and a few other options. While there isn’t an explicit mention, I bet you could set up some sort of portable solar panel. An on-board system control panel is standard as well.

No, the magic doesn’t end there either. One thing you need whenever you take a trip off-grid with five or more people, even if it’s just for a three-day weekend, you’ll require plenty of storage. Aside from the countless hatches and storage lockers, 3 cu-ft (90 liters) of additional storage is available at the front of the unit. There’s no mention of water tank capacities, but a Guzzle Water system is in place to make sure you’ve got fresh water.

As far as a bathroom or toilet, it appears as though you’ll need to bring along a portable toilet and set up an exterior shower. Yes, outside shower; it’s not that bad if you pick the right weekend or shower system.

Right now, there’s no price listed for the Adventure Concept, but with quotes ranging between 16,996 USD (15,127 EUR at current exchange rates) and 26,995 USD (24,026 EUR at current exchange rates) for the much more equipped options Turtleback offers, I can see the Adventure Concept priced well below those rates.

published 2021-11-24 09:46:01