AAP roadshow

AAP roadshow

After sweeping Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is now eyeing Gujarat. On Tuesday, the party held a huge roadshow in Ahmedabad, claiming that they will win the elections in Gujarat that are expected to be held later this year. The party will be conducting such roadshows across all districts of the state.

According to the party’s leaders, the AAP is the best option for Gujarat, since the BJP is the most corrupt party and the Congress has been finished. Very soon, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will be in Gujarat along with Bhagwant Mann for a massive roadshow.

Sources in the BJP rubbished the party’s claims, saying AAP won’t get the support of the people of Gujarat.

The party had earlier said that they would want to be in the opposition in Gujarat and be the Number 2 party after the BJP. Now, bolstered by their Punjab win, the party said there is enough time to win Gujarat, too.

“The BJP government of Gujarat is the most corrupt. There are so many incidents of corruption and paper leaks. The people of Gujarat are unemployed and there is no development. Crime against women is the highest in the state and farmers are unhappy,” senior AAP leader Isudan Gadhvi told India Today TV.

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“Arvind Kejriwal’s model is the best for Gujarat’s development. Like the AAP tsunami in Punjab, a wave will sweep Gujarat. Very soon, Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann will be here in Ahmedabad for a huge roadshow and will win the hearts of the people,” Gadhvi said.

Asking whether businessman and Shree Khodaldham Trust (SKT) President Naresh Patel would join the party, Gadhvi said, “Naresh Patel is a highly respected social worker. He should not go to the most corrupt party, i.e. the BJP, and there is nothing left of the Congress. The best option for him is the AAP, which is the future of Gujarat and will work to develop the state.” Naresh Patel is a leader of the state’s Leuva Patel community, a sub-caste of the Patidars. The BJP, Congress and the AAP have been trying to woo Patel to their parties since a lot of seats are won and lost in the state on how the community votes.

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published 2022-03-19 15:02:47