ANTIQUES Roadshow expert Andy McConnell was lost for words after a guest presented him with a pair of “incredibly expensive” masonry glasses from the 18th century.

During a recent episode of the popular BBC show, Fiona Bruce and the team of experts took the roadshow to Woodburn Museum in Northumberland.


Antiques Roadshow expert Andy McConnell was left stunned during Sunday night’s instalmentCredit: BBC
A guest brought on two 'incredibly expensive' William Beilby glasses


A guest brought on two ‘incredibly expensive’ William Beilby glassesCredit: BBC

During the show, a guest stunned expert Andy when he presented him with two glasses made by William Beilby.

Taken aback by the stunning glass, the expert then revealed that they were the most expensive ever seen on the series.

Introducing the segment, host Fiona began: “Occasionally, on the roadshow, we get a glimpse into the secretive world of freemasonry.

“An organisation made up of mostly male groups called lodges, each with their own traditions incorporating mysterious symbols and objects.

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“Items like 18th-century glasses, which offer both an insight to the rituals, and the craftsmen that made them.”

When first looking at the glasses, expert Andy exclaimed: “These glasses are absolutely the cream, they are firing glasses for toasting!

“So, how on earth do you end up owning these wonderful little gems?”

The guest revealed: “Well, I got a bit lucky really. I had seen them come up in an auction, but they were just a general lot.

“They were valued at just £50 to £70 and I pretty much knew when I bought them what they were.”

The guest then revealed the price of the lot was just under £6,000.

Impressed with the style and design of the glasses, Andy went on to reveal how much the pair could be worth today.

He said: “But yours, I know, would fetch today at auction you would get somewhere like £16,000 the pair.”

He continued: “These are by far the most expensive glasses I have ever had in 60 years on the roadshow, so I am so made up with these and cheers to you.

“It’s about rarity, we are linking these to one person, William Beilby, this is the best at his peak.”

The expert revealed that they were the most expensive ever seen on the BBC series


The expert revealed that they were the most expensive ever seen on the BBC seriesCredit: BBC

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published 2022-05-09 16:07:59