ANTIQUES Roadshow uncovers a First World War oil painting valued up to £800 at auction after being fished out of a skip in 1980.

Expert Lawrence Hendra was presented with a “high quality” portrait of a soldier which was painted during the First World War by an artist who became a prisoner of war.


Expert Lawrence managed to work out who painted the portraitCredit: BBC
The soldier was painting during the First World War


The soldier was painting during the First World WarCredit: BBC

The guest admitted that he found the oil painting in a skip and felt it “had to be saved” from going to a landfill site.

He told Lawrence: “He was obviously a painting of a real person and we just could not let it go to landfill or whatever, so we fished it out.” 

The painting was a portrait of a young man dressed in the uniform of a British Army officer.

After looking at the inscriptions, he saw written on the painting was the name G Goddard Jackson and Crefled 1917.

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He said: “The first inscription is the name of the artist Gerald Goddard Jackson and he was a painter who was born in Duddington, in Northamptonshire.

“And then studied at the Slade School of Fine Art which was one of the most prestigious places to study art in London.”

Then after a brief period of travelling around Italy he went on to join the Army.

The guest discovered the artist was captured during the First World War in 1916.

Lawrence continued: “This was painted when Goddard Jackson and presumably this officer here were prisoners of war in Crefeld, which was a city, what is now the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We haven’t been able to really identify who this subject is, sadly, but of course it also makes you wonder why or who threw it away.”

Lawrence valued the item at between £600 and £800 if the guest was to sell it at auction. 

Antiques Roadshow episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

The was delighted with the results after finding the painting in the skip


The was delighted with the results after finding the painting in the skipCredit: BBC

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published 2022-04-13 20:44:00