Aussie campers are obsessing over a $199 glamping tent from Kmart that looks almost identical to a version costing more than four times the price.

Billed as spacious enough to fit up to eight people, the bell tent has been a huge hit among shoppers for offering the perfect camping set up or even hosting a festival-inspired glamping party in the backyard.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The $199 glamping tent Kmart shoppers can’t get enough of.

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The tent features three side windows, a large open plan for maximum space, a water-resistant flysheet with full seams taping, a power cord inlet and UVE 95+ per cent protection.

A similar-looking glamping tent from adventure retailer Anaconda costs $899.

Customer Maddy Bockett shared her rave reviews on social media after she was able to create a “stunning” glamping tent in her yard.

Aussie campers are obsessing over a $199 glamping tent from Kmart. Credit: @maddybockett
The tent is billed as spacious enough to fit up to eight people. Credit: @maddybockett

“Camping girlies, you won’t believe what I found in Kmart. It’s an eight-person glamping tent. Are you kidding me?” she said.

“Immediately I had to buy it and take it home, set it up in the backyard and test it out. I’m really curious to see how the quality is like, is it going to survive in the wind? So let’s see.”

While the tent was “pretty easy” to put together, Maddy recommended having two people to assemble it, because she found herself struggling to do some of the steps on her own.

Adding a touch of luxury, she filled the tent with a rug, table and chair to “give the aesthetic glamping” vibe.

“Okay I’m actually shocked how good this is,” she said.

“Isn’t it stunning? I’m actually obsessed, it came out so cute.”

The tent seemed smaller on camera, with Maddy adding: “Honestly it would only fit eight people if we all lay next to each other like sausages.”

Her video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times, with one mum confirming the giant tent held up well after experiencing wild weather.

Kmart’s glamping tent, left, looks similar to a version from Anaconda costing $899, right. Credit: Kmart/Anaconda

“I bought two so my son’s classmates could sleepover at the end of the year. Had two huge storms and they were surprisingly dry! Just make sure you peg it out right,” she said.

Another suggested: “I don’t even camp but I need it anyway.”

Those who tried to get their hands on one reported the tents have already sold out at their stores.

While others shared their honest opinions after using the glamping tent.

“I’ve used this and can confirm it doesn’t hold up in the wind,” one said.

Another added: “I own this tent. It is not waterproof. Still love it through after taking it to every festival. But beware of the water.”

However, one suggested: “They aren’t very waterproof, but you can buy waterproofing spray to make up for it.”

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published 2024-01-11 06:48:32