Camping out in the wilderness certainly isn’t for everyone. Sure, there are some beautiful sights, but it can also mean battling extreme temperatures, bugs and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. The recent trend of glamping has certainly made the outdoors more appealing to some, but these luxury abodes can often entirely disassociate you from your surroundings. The solution? Bubbles. These transparent inflatable domes have been popping up all over the world and we’re here to show you the most spectacular bubble hotels on the planet.

A bubble room is essentially an inflatable dome, kept erect by a silent ventilation system that can also continually refresh the air keeping the temperature perfect for its inhabitants regardless of the conditions outside. The benefit of staying in a bubble becomes pretty apparent when you consider some of the gorgeous locations around the world these things are appearing.

In Iceland, just under two hours from Reykjavik, you’ll find the 5 Million Star Hotel. Complete see-through bubbles surrounded by icy remote landscapes, and if you are lucky in winter you can lay in bed and watch the Northern Lights in the sky

5 Million Star Hotel

From the desert in Jordan to a snowy forest in Iceland, a bubble-stay allows you to come pretty darn close to nature while still enjoying your creature comforts. With every passing year we are seeing these bubble hotels get more and more luxurious. You’ll now find bubble “suites” with multiple adjoining rooms, king-size beds, elaborate bathrooms, and even underfloor heating.

Check out our bubble hotel gallery for a trip around the world visiting some of these extraordinary getaway destinations.

published 2022-03-01 10:28:34