Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper, co-star and farmer, have been documented in their attempts to transform the 1,000 acres in Oxfordshire into a working business.

The Amazon Prime series has proven a hit, with its second season breaking viewing streaming records after its release last February. The third series is due out this year, and a fourth has been commissioned.

Clarkson, whose farm shop is closed for the winter, has been outspoken about the difficulties he has faced in trying to turn a profit.

While fans have flocked there, he has faced obstacles including being forced to close his farm’s restaurant, amid a planning battle with the local council.

Vegas’s own challenges with his glamping site and business have been aired on his show, the second series of which airs Jan 24.

The 53-year-old comedian said that the idea was born from “a midlife crisis”.

He told Radio Times: “I went on eBay at 2am one drunken night, and bought this bus to convert for glamping. I named her Patricia, after my mum, who died not long after, so then it became a bit of a tribute to her.”

He revealed that he had to take a five-month hiatus from the stresses of filming and building the business and admitted that if he hadn’t done so, “I don’t know if I’d be here discussing this now”.

published 2024-01-24 07:42:55