“One of the things I really wish for camping that would make me enjoy it so much more is if it was already set up and I don’t have to tear it down, and it’s got a nice comfy bed, and it’s got chairs. Basically, I want Holiday Inn Express out of a tent,” is how Kevin Berry felt after a horrible rainy camping experience with his wife Alaina during his birthday weekend. Her response to Kevin was simple: “Babe, that would be considered glamping, and we really have nothing like that in this area.”

The trip was the first camping experience the married couple had taken together, and it inspired them to start a new business in 2021 called Rugged Luxe. And as one would guess, their business provides luxurious glamping and boho picnic experiences for every occasion.

According to the couple, clients who are not as inclined to go camping are drawn to Rugged Luxe because they can enjoy the foundational benefits of camping without the hassle of pitching a tent. 

“We wanted to take something that’s a normal thing like camping and picnics and things like that and just put a twist with it and make it very luxurious and really a cool one-of-a-kind unique experience that we could cater to each person specifically,” she said. “Especially when they consult with me and tell me what they want for their event, and I can kind of get vision and make it really neat and one of a kind for them. Something that they will always truly remember and get some awesome pictures and memories. So, we wanted to bring something really special to the area that is just like no other.”

Ranging from small intimate affairs to large-scale parties, the couple strives to design events that aim to impress and create luxurious experiences for clients and their guests.  Possessing a love for nature and a creative spirit made it easy for Alaina to transition into the visionary role of designing each client experience.

“I love camping,” she said. “There’s nothing like being outdoors; to me, it’s nature. It’s God’s place he created, and being out there is just peaceful, I guess being out in nature. But we do like the luxury side of it; I mean, who doesn’t like to sleep in a bed or, you know, have some of those nicer amenities. Kevin and I enjoy nice trips and things like that, so yes, the downside of camping is sleeping on the ground and being down and dirty, but if you can take camping and add those amenities, it makes it so much better.”

The couple said Rugged Luxe takes on the stress of setting up experiences such as camping, movie nights, wedding proposals, boho picnics, sleepovers, etc. Clients can select any locations for each personalized experience including backyards or inside a house.

Anyone interested in learning more about Rugged Luxe can visit ruggedluxe.com.


published 2022-07-20 21:30:00