Q: I would like to pass on something that happened to a friend of mine few weeks ago.

He and his wife parked at the Vallejo ferry terminal for a day in the City. When they returned, their Toyota’s catalytic converter had been stolen. They asked the security guard about the theft and he said, “Happens all the time.”

The public needs to know that the ferry parking has almost no security. He spent weeks getting his catalytic converter replaced and his car re-smogged. I have parked here many times, but drive an old pickup. I guess they don’t want my converter.

Peter Calimeris, Pleasant Hill

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t enough security to catch all the catalytic converter crooks. What people can do is to have a bracket installed over their catalytic converter, stencil their car’s VIN number on their catalytic converter, park in a well-lit location, and get comprehensive insurance to cover these thefts, if they do occur.

Q: AAA is not ending their map program. They are, however, ending the paper books for each state. The book information will now be online.

To the person wanting an Arizona map, call the 800 customer service number on the back of your AAA card and they will send you one, or check another office. I just got an Arizona map at San Ramon.

Joyce Gunn

A: Thanks for the tip.

Q: Remember road trips before smart phones and Google Maps? I would pick up AAA paper maps for the states I was driving through and plan a route. When driving solo, I would write out directions in big print and lay that on the passenger seat. AAA eventually started making fancy spiral-bound booklets with turn-by-turn maps.

My young adult children would not believe how much work it was to get somewhere back in the day!

Eve Carlson, Mountain View

A: Getting the maps and planning the route was always part of the fun and anticipation of a roadtrip.

Q: On Almaden Expressway between Coleman and McAbee/Winfield in Almaden Valley, there is no pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of the expressway. The one on the west side is in disrepair, with weeds, cracking pavement, and trees constantly being torn down by PG&E. It has been this way for 20 years.

Are there any plans to fix the west sidewalk and/or add an east sidewalk?

M. R. Pamid, San Jose

A: The county will send a crew to clear weeds on the west side path. This may take few weeks, but will be addressed. There are no plans to add a pedestrian path on the east side of Almaden Expressway.

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published 2022-04-22 20:00:14