In the last few hours, a terrible event shocked the inhabitants of Manta and Ubaté, two municipalities in the department of Cundinamarca, when a couple in love died in a glamping because of damage to the air conditioning in the place. The story was released by the woman’s sister, who detailed that the two people had traveled on a labor issue.

The two young men, identified as Fabian Sarmiento, 44 years old, and Yamile Riaño, lived in Ubaté and moved to Manta, a municipality located about 80 kilometers away, which would take about two hours on the road. When they arrived in that municipality they decided to stay in a ‘glamping’, one of the famous tourist lodgings in that area, which has become popular in recent years for combining the experience of camping with luxury and comfort.

The reason for the trip was not really to enjoy or rest, since they were going because the man would be the referee of a football game that would take place in that municipality. To take advantage of the moment they decided to stay one night in this place, the next day they would get up early to do the man’s work.

This was detailed to the Blu Radio station, Deisy Johana Riaño, sister of the victim. The woman pointed out that what happened in the place is that the air conditioning was failing and, apparently, during the night it produced some gases that intoxicated the couple and caused their death. The air conditioning was in poor condition, they fell asleep and my sister fell asleep because what that gas does is make the person numb,” the woman explained.

He explained that the next day the people of the place were alerted when they saw that the couple did not leave their place of lodging and had to force the doors to enter. Upon entering the room, they encountered a terrible scene, the woman had died and the man was dying.

Quickly, the glamping workers tried to help the man who was still surviving, they managed to transfer him to a medical center in Bogotá, but there health professionals confirmed that he died of suffocation.

For now, the authorities have not commented on the matter, but the family has asked for an investigation to determine the causes of the couple’s death. The first reports of doctors indicate that it was due to inhalation of toxic gases.

On January 30th, at a ‘glamping’ in Manizales, a heater also caused a tragedy. A family of four people were staying there, who decided to go up to one of these lodges in the moor, but were burned by the heating failure.

Fortunately, they all survived and only three of them had severe burns. What caused the fire was the pebereto that was in the centerpiece of the place, which they tried to ignite to warm up. They pointed out that when they lit it, with alcohol, there was an explosion and they tried to run and leave the place.

The mother was the most affected, with burns to her chest, face and arms; however, she was discharged days later. The two children also had burns on their arms and lips, trying to help the mother.


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published 2022-04-25 19:07:14