Whether you are planning a small seminar, meeting or a multi-day roadshow or large conference with thousands of delegates and a complex agenda, Cvent’s event management platform gives you total control.

Prior to your event, Cvent’s online platform enables you keep delegates well-informed with eye-catching and customisable registration websites in your branding ensuring your event page is an extension of your company’s website. You can also utilise HTML text links and/or dynamic widgets to link both sites and create a seamless and consistent experience for your registrants.

For a small event with straightforward registration needs, Cvent Express is the fastest way to get an event up and running. Its design is intuitive and the drag-and-drop functionalities make it easy to use, enabling you to create your event and customise your mobile-responsive website. Cvent Express is built for speed – not only for you as an organiser enabling you to launch an event in minutes, but also for your delegates who will find all relevant event information on one concise website and get an effortless one-click registration experience.

What about larger, more involved, multi-day events with different session tracks and a specific programme for all VIPs? In this case, you should explore Cvent’s Professional or Enterprise license, designed to cover a more complex, even multi-language or multi-path registration process with session selection, travel and accommodation requests, waiting list management as well as budget and task management for your logistic planning in the backend. Delegates appreciate being able to complete the entire registration – from providing contact details, to choosing sessions, selecting a hotel room and making the final online payment for their participation – all in one process, and you can spare yourself the chasing for missing information and have all the necessary data in one single tool.

But Cvent’s power doesn’t just stop with event promotion and registration. The platform gives you the ability to sync registration with other Cvent products such as OnArrival, SocialWall and CrowdCompass mobile apps to continue the seamless process at the onsite check-in and engage with your delegates during the event.

Cvent’s online platform delivers real measurable results. The modern and professional website in combination with social media shares, automated and personalised email communication as well as the clear and easy registration process lead to 20% increase in attendance for our customers’ events. Whilst streamlining manual processes and optimising events based on the additional insights from all the data collected can increase team productivity by 27% and decrease costs by 20-30% at the same time.

However, an event management solution is more than just registration system, it’s also a strategic tool to increase visibility, compliance and therefore cost savings. It can help you achieve companywide results by increasing visibility across your events: their expenditure, adherence to corporate compliance, and the overall attendee experience. This is not just a solution for the event team, but also the sales & marketing teams, procurement and travel managers and the finance team.

About Cvent

Cvent, Inc. is a leading cloud-based enterprise event management platform, with over 2,500 employees and over 28,000 customers worldwide. Since 1999, Cvent offers software solutions to event planners for online event registration, venue selection, event management, mobile apps for events, e-mail marketing, web surveys as well as onsite check in and badges. Cvent provides hotels with a targeted advertising platform designed to reach event planners looking for suitable venues. On November 29, 2016, Cvent announced it had been acquired by Vista Equity Partners. In addition, Cvent and Lanyon Solutions announced the merger of their two companies, creating a global meeting, event and travel technology leader.

For more information, please visit www.cvent.co.uk, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


published 2017-03-14 23:07:36