Eco-glamping is a growing trend in the world of ecotourism, offering comfortable and luxurious camping experiences while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Stay Wilder, an eco-glamping site located in Seashells on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, is one such example of this innovative approach to outdoor living.

The team at Stay Wilder has created an off-grid glamping spot that puts the planet first, from building their domes on platforms so they didn’t impact the forest, to using reclaimed wood and biodegradable soaps and shampoos. Furthermore, the domes are powered by nearby solar panels, allowing guests to monitor their energy usage in real-time.

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Stay Wilder also focuses heavily on water conservation, as they have to bring in water for every guest. They encourage guests to adopt a mindful bathing ritual that uses less water, hoping to inspire more sustainable habits in their everyday lives.

To learn more about this eco-glamping experience, watch the video that leads this article.

Mia Gordon/The Weather Network: Stay Wilder Eco-Glamping Resort

Stay Wilder combines luxurious camping with environmental consciousness. (Photo credit: Mia Gordon/The Weather Network)

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published 2023-05-24 09:55:44