GLAMPING has found its thriving hub in Cordoba, where two exceptional sites are gaining prominence within the scenic region of Andalucia.

Amidst the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Andalucia, these extraordinary campgrounds offer a new way to appreciate the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort.

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Situated just 8 kilometres from Cordoba along the Vecinal Cordoba – Obejo Road (km.7.5 CO-3408), this campsite beckons visitors with a promise of opulent accommodation within its exclusive tents. Far from the rustic image of traditional camping, glamping at Los Villares immerses guests in the surrounding natural beauty while retaining the comforts of traditional lodgings.

At the heart of this glamping haven lies “Kampaoh,” an area where charming tents stand as luxurious abodes, each meticulously designed to cater to every need.

The spotlight falls on the Bali suite, a generously spacious and brightly lit tent complete with an integrated full bathroom, ensuring an even more exclusive stay.

Beyond the cosy tents, Camping Los Villares boasts an in-house restaurant specializing in game meat, grilled delicacies, and Cordoban cuisine.

The campground further caters to biking enthusiasts with a dedicated Bicycle Touring Point offering washing facilities, electric bicycle charging, air pumps, and marked routes.

In another corner of Cordoba, Adamuz emerges as a glamping epicenter. There, La Dehesa Experiences, a pioneer in introducing glamping to the province, beckons adventurers to wake up five meters above the ground, greeted by unparalleled vistas of Sierra Morena’s heart.

The complex boasts six exclusive suites, each equipped with private pools and modern amenities, set against the backdrop of an ancient holm oak-laden landscape.

Dining at La Dehesa Experiences is an affair of distinction, offering a meticulously curated à la carte menu that celebrates local ingredients. The gastronomic journey seamlessly blends traditional regional dishes with international fare, catering to diverse palates.

Guided tastings of extra virgin olive oil and wine, alongside activities such as hiking, caving, and stargazing within the Starlight Reserve of Los Pedroches, enrich the glamping experience.

Horseback riding, wood therapy, kayaking, and even hot air ballooning are among the eclectic choices for visitors seeking to immerse themselves fully in this natural paradise.

As Cordoba carves its name onto the map of glamping destinations, these campgrounds offer a harmonious union of nature and luxury, promising visitors a getaway that satisfies both the desire for adventure and the longing for comfort.


published 2023-08-15 13:45:00