On the grounds of the historic Lytham Hall is Lytham Antiques and Reclamation a shop filled with treasures from the years gone by.

Run by husband and wife duo Gene and Zara Hoyle, it was opened by BBC Antiques Roadshow host Fiona Bruce back in 2019 and has been growing from strength to strength ever since.

Lytham Antiques and Reclamation’s showroom is based in an old repurposed dairy, lovingly dubbed as the ‘Coolest place in Lytham’ due to its old-fashioned technology where it had been specifically built to keep the cool temperatures in and the warmer temperatures out for its role as a working dairy.

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Gene Hoyle said: “When the grounds were originally built, the whole area was a working environment, there was a dairy, a bakery, a woodstore, a butchers, a pig-sty.

“Everything had to be self-sustainable, you couldn’t just pop into Tesco in the middle of February for your milk or your butter!

“The old diary is north facing with tiled walls and tiled floors which are all original and with a vented ceiling.”

Reflecting on some of his older pieces, Gene told LancsLive about a ‘bed-warming pan’ he had just sold.

He continued: “The bed-warming pan was from the 17th century around 1650, which is an amazing thing.

“If you think about it, that piece was put into a bed to keep somebody warm in England and America was just being formed by the Europeans, all the cities were being formed, Philadelphia, all of those areas.

“Someone during that time had purchased it down in London and had come to a big house up North and it amazes me how things can survive and how they have been used and the stories they could tell.”

Some more of the collection, including old cameras and a peak at the original tiled flooring in the old dairy

The old-working dairy still houses many of its original features, including 20-30 tonnes of slate from the Lake District that are used as tables to display the fascinating antiques.

Here, Gene talks us through the the most notable pieces in his eclectic mix that are currently being sold at Lytham Antiques and Reclamation.

Japanese Jardiniere

Original Japanese Jardiniere

One of the antiques that can be found in the showroom is a Japenese Jardiniere and stand from the Meiji period.

It is an original Jardiniere in two pieces, with the stand as a rare part of this ornamental piece.

Gene said: “This is from around the period of 1840-1912, when people had started to travel to Japan for the first time from Europe so they wanted to make items that they could take back to their big homes.”

French Ormolu Clock

French Ormolu Clock
French Ormolu Clock

This French Ormulu clock boasts the original pendulum and key with puttis included to add to the grandeur of the piece.

Perfect for any collector of this piece, or someone who simply wants to add a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to their home decor, this clock is a beautiful find.

With it being an Ormulu clock, it is made out of a gold-gilded bronze material that the clock is made out of.



One of the more different and arguably most interesting piece in the showroom is the stereograph.

With 40-50 glass slides inside, this 19th Century piece was favoured amongst many people as a form of entertainment and a dinner-time talking point.

Gene said: “This was pre-Apple mac, you can get a bit of entertainment by looking through it.

“The glass slides are all 3D, so when you look through you can go all around the world, from Africa, Switzerland or India.

“So, at dinner, the gentleman of the house would show all of his friends the photographs and you would look through it.

“It was quite advanced for its time, 1860s so even that long ago we had 3D vision – people think those days were a bit naïve but they weren’t, people were very clever and practical.

Pair of bronze equine studies

Pair of bronze equine studies
Pair of bronze equine studies

This pair of bronze equine studies is atop a figurine model base that lived in a betting shop for 60 years.

According to the tale, when it lived its life in the bookmakers, when people wanted to make a bet on the horses, the statue would inspire them to put a bit of extra money on.

Gene said: “The lady I bought it off, it belonged to some relation of hers who had a betting shop for many years and this stood at the back where you place your bet on a big shelf at the top.”

Lytham Hall is an 18th Century Georgian country house located one mile from the centre of the town, in 78 acres of wooded parkland.

Lytham Antiques and Reclamation is sat on the beautiful grounds of Lytham Hall and the shop helps to raise funds for its charitable restoration project.

It is currently open only on Wednesdays and at the weekend and will be reopening Wednesday through to Sunday in March.

“We buy items in, if you’ve got any old antiques that you don’t like or no longer need then we will be happy to have a look at them and pay you for them, then we re-sell them and make some money with a bit of luck that goes towards the Hall,” Gene continued.

“People can also donate items and again, we will do the same thing and raise some funds to help the volunteers and also to help mend and repair all of the parts that need looking after in this big estate here at Lytham.”

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published 2022-03-23 19:56:44