During the annual melee of CES 2018, the world seemed to have largely overlooked one of the largest, most tech-packed debuts of the show. Lifestyle technology company Furrion revealed an all-out glamping tractor-trailer packed with everything from a restaurant-level kitchen to a complete smarthome-like entertainment system. A combination of a fifth wheel trailer and a sleeper semi cab, the new concept joined Furrion’s 2017 Elysium, an A-list Type A motorhome concept with built-in helipad and hot tub on its roof. Furrion has taken the concept of the ultra-luxurious “land yacht” glamper to new heights.

The technological highlight of Furrion’s 2018 camper concept duo, the Limitless fifth-wheel trailer has no fewer than six slide-outs for expanding total living area to 350 sq ft (32.5 sq m). The 41-ft (12.5-m) trailer may be sized like a small studio apartment, but it’s outfitted like a luxury loft, featuring a chef’s kitchen with all stainless steel appliances, from a full-height side-by-side refrigerator and a gas cooktop with hood, to an oven, a convection microwave, and a dedicated 48-bottle wine fridge. There’s also an induction cooktop island and a dishwasher.

On the road in the Hercules-Limitless


The Limitless’ living room is just as impressive, filled out with a 65-in smart TV, remote-control multi-zone audio system, and 40-in electric LED fireplace with temperature and flame-color control.

The master bedroom includes a king-size bed and an entertainment system with 39-in smart TV. The tech-loaded bathroom features smart appliances, including a digital tap, smart toilet and smart mirror. The smart shower has digital temperature control, steam functions and an integrated Bluetooth speaker system, and the taps are fed by Furrion’s tankless, on-demand hot water system to ensure that occupants are never left in the cold.

Inside the Furrion Limitless


The fun isn’t only to be had inside the Limitless. Perfect for tailgating or enjoying a movie in the open air, an outdoor entertainment system shows content on a 58-in smart TV.

An omnidirectional antenna and signal boosters ensure that the Limitless is hooked up with TV reception, 4G connectivity and onboard Wi-Fi, while an exterior video surveillance system provides security with four cameras hooked up to a 7-in touchscreen. Motion sensors, microphones, infrared night vision and available motion alert help to maintain the best security 24 hours a day.

As stuffed with tech and features as the Limitless is, it’s still just a trailer, so needs an external vehicle pulling it. For this purpose, Furrion shows it with the Hercules, a semi sleeper cab with plenty of sheer muscle for pulling the rolling luxury apartment to destinations near and far.

Furrion Hercules-Limitless

Furrion Hercules-Limitless


Behind its driver’s cockpit, the Hercules’ compact living quarters include a sleeping area, infotainment system with 24-in TV, mini fridge and microwave. A moonroof offers views of the sky and stars, and a 100-W solar panel and lithium-ion battery storage keep onboard amenities powered up. The Limitless’ Video S security cameras can be synced to the Hercules’ 7-in driver cab touchscreen, providing both driving and security monitoring functions.

Furrion explains that the Hercules sleeping quarters serve as an extra bedroom when used with the Limitless. We reckon they can also serve as a yacht-style “crew quarters” when a hired driver takes the wheel while the owner and company enjoy a relaxing ride in the trailer (assuming that’s legal in their neck of the woods). After all, anyone who can afford a luxury-packed camping vehicle like this could surely also afford to be chauffeured around on their holidays.

If you think the Hercules-Limitless tractor-trailer is the epitome of over-the-top glamping, it must be because you didn’t see the Furrion Elysium concept at last year’s CES. We once thought that seven-figure motorhomes capable of carrying sports cars and other vehicles along for the ride were impressive, but the Elysium takes things a step beyond, opening the skies up with a height-adjustable rooftop helipad built to hold a Robinson R22 helicopter.

The Elysium's prize features: rooftop deck and helicopter landing pad

The Elysium’s prize features: rooftop deck and helicopter landing pad


The helipad isn’t the only unique feature on the Elysium roof, where folks can also enjoy a rooftop deck and lounge, something we think more motorhomes should incorporate as a place to enjoy fresh air and good views of the scenic camping surrounds. More than just a rooftop with a protective railing, Furrion’s deck is a relaxing oasis with a hot tub and yacht-like layout of lounge furniture. It’s accessed via a large lift-up hatch and staircase from the interior.

“Below deck,” the 45-ft (13.7-m) “future perfect” Elysium is absolutely stuffed with luxury beyond what you’d find in the average home, let alone motorhome – a chef-style kitchen similar in spec to the one in the Limitless, automation, infotainment, a fireplace, and a smart bathroom. The three 75-in HDTVs found around the interior and exterior are enhanced with Furrion’s Vibrationsmart and Climatesmart technologies, ensuring that their pictures aren’t affected by bumpy roads or extreme temperatures.

Inside the Furrion Elysium

Inside the Furrion Elysium


It doesn’t appear that Furrion has any commercial plans for its concept glamper fleet, using the vehicles more to attract attention and advertise its lineup of appliances and technologies aimed at four key sectors – RV, yacht, business and home.

“Unlike a standard trade show booth, by using the vehicles we are able to demonstrate the products in a home so people can see how these applications would truly be used to enhance their daily lives,” Furrion co-founder and chief marketing officer Matt Fidler said in last month’s CES announcement.

Along with kitchen appliances, TVs, audio systems and energy solutions, Furrion’s forward-looking business umbrella includes research into advanced exo-bionic mobility platforms like the Prosthesis it also showed at CES 2017 and 2018.

Another fruit of Furrion R&D: the massive Prosthesis exo-bionic mobility suit

Another fruit of Furrion R&D: the massive Prosthesis exo-bionic mobility suit


When they’re not parading around attracting triple-takes at trade shows and events, Furrion’s concept RVs find a home at the showroom of the Hong Kong-headquartered company’s all-new Elkhart, Indiana Innovation Center and Institute of Technology. Elkhart also happens to be the RV capital of the world, home to the RV/MH Hall of Fame and many major RV manufacturers.

The first video below shows more of the Hercules-Limitless, and the next, the Elysium. Also check out the many stills in our photo gallery.

Source: Furrion

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