Few other adventures can rival the thrill of the outdoors. Indeed, while outdoor activities are not necessarily for everyone, thanks to new locations and modern technology, it can be made more enjoyable, even for city slickers or those with little to no experience with camping.

Glamping is made much more accessible these days thanks to the growing popularity of car camping. Its rise in popularity in 2021 has led to the creation of many new campsites that offer far more facilities. These include manicured fields on which to park your vehicle, on-site facilities like toilets and sinks; prepared firepits or cooking facilities; and sometimes even tiny houses or pre-pitched tents.

Easy to find


Locations like these are easy to find as well. Simply do a quick search in booking apps like AirBNB. There’s now a new category called “Camping.” Narrow it down to an area of your choice and chances are you’ll find a lot of options. These range from the very rugged, to the very luxurious.

Because of the sheer number of amenities already available on the site, this leaves much less for travelers to worry about. Simply put food and things for the day or for the weekend in a vehicle, then drive off to the boondocks or the beach.

There, you can set up camp on a pre-selected location, already with a remarkable view of nature, with chairs tables and flatware. Start a fire (or a stove), cook what you brought, open a cold beer, sit on a chair, and breathe in the fresh air.

Not exclusively for 4×4


In the early days, camping escapes were often far out in the boondocks, often in very isolated places. Some of these locations were only accessible through rough road trails. These days, there are many more glamping sites that are far more accessible. A 4×4 is no longer required. In fact, most of the time, all you’ll need is a crossover or SUV with enough clearance to roll over the occasional rock.

Most of the roads leading to these sites have already been manicured, smoothened with gravel, or in some cases, even paved. If you have worries, simply ask your host about the access road leading to the area. Chances are, they are already familiar with what kinds of vehicles can make it through.

Tech far from home


Perhaps the best way to truly make any glamping experience feel like home is with the latest gadgets. There are many large power cubes now on sale to connect and charge your gadgets. Keen to watch movies? A foldable screen and portable projector can take care of that. Even a laptop and portable speaker will do.

Want to save these core memories? Take a few photos. Chances are, you’ll also find portable printers in online shopping apps to print them out in an instant.

These are the just some of the things you’ll need to get started enjoying the outdoors. We have some suggestions for where, what vehicles to bring, and even a few gadgets, but don’t hesitate to get creative with the equipment based on your needs and enjoyment.


published 2023-06-25 12:03:16