You’ve heard of glamping, and you know what cardio is. But, have you ever heard of the retreat that combines the two? Thanks to Harlem Cycle, a Black-owned spin studio in New York City, a blended experience like that exists.

By design, retreats have a lot of the same components. It’s an opportunity to escape the rigors of work, turn off your phone, disconnect from social media and live in the moment. Above all, these experiences allow you to make yourself a priority. We can’t provide for others if we don’t show up for ourselves first.

Here’s what to know about the upcoming Cardio Glamping Wellness Retreat.

The Benefits Of Self-care Can’t Be Quantified

Tammeca Rochester, founder of Harlem Cycle, knows that owning a business, being a parent and finding time for herself can be challenging.

“I know ‘self-care’ has been thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason,” she told Travel Noire. “We all need a moment to take care of ourselves. However, it seems that no one actually knows how to do this properly, and when it comes down to it, most people don’t even think about self-care, until they decide they need it. What if self-care was something that you did naturally and not just when things were hard? I think this is possible. It’s about learning to love yourself first, then others. This is why I created the Cardio Glamping Wellness Retreat.”

Photo by Tammeca Rochester

Photo by Tammeca Rochester

What Will The Cardio Glamping Wellness Retreat Entail?

A number of retreats incorporate yoga or pilates. While those disciplines are challenging, Rochester wanted to make her retreat a little spicier by centering cardio. Each participant can expect to be challenged, and to emerge a stronger and more centered person.

“I love cardio workouts and group classes, but couldn’t find a retreat that focused on more than just yoga,” she said. “That’s why we include things like cardio dance, kickboxing and strength sessions at the retreat. But, I also include workshops on ways we can take care of ourselves at home, while having fun. That’s why we include a candle making workshop and a paint session with views of the Statue of Liberty.”

Photo by Pierre Blaché

Photo by Pierre Blaché

The retreat takes place from May 18 to May 21 on Governor’s Island. It has earned rave reviews in the past.

Will you be locked into doing activities with others all the time?

No. You can bike around the island, lounge in the hammocks and even go kayaking off the pier. If that is too much, there’s always the option to meditate or simply relax.

When it’s time to chow down, you’ll eat delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients. There also will be snacks available and s’mores by the campfire at night?

Forget those rinky-dink tents that collapse as soon as you put them up. The ones here were designed to bring modern conveniences to the outdoors. Each one has air conditioning, wi-fi and either a king bed or twin beds. The bathrooms offer modern products, and a dedicated valet will see to it that they are cleaned after each use.

For People Based In The Tri-State Area, The Glamping Retreat Is Accessible

If you’re looking for a retreat that’s away from the bustle of Manhattan, but not too far away, Governor’s Island is perfect. This lush oasis is “a world unto itself.” It’s just a short ferry ride away from the city.

Effort has been made to make the retreat as affordable as possible. You can either pay the entire amount upfront, or settle payment in increments. Please note that the lodging incurs a separate fee, but you can find more details about this here.

If You’re Not Ready For A Retreat Just Yet, Try A Spin Class At Harlem Cycle

New York offers an array of workout classes, but they can drain the pockets.

Since Harlem Cycle was created with community in mind, classes are affordable, challenging and fun.

If you happen to be in Harlem, you have two locations to choose from. If you aren’t ready to work out with others, there are virtual classes available. Either way, you’ll be supporting a proudly Black-owned business and reap the benefits of exercise for years to come.

published 2023-02-26 02:02:01