MAMMOTH CAVE, Ky. – Tucked away in cave country, a quaint outdoor evening awaits. At the Noble Pine Campground & Horse Camp, a relocated Florida family owns a pretty cool Airbnb.

Closed for some years, the Claxton family of Florida bought and re-opened Noble Pine, and now Kristen and Eric Claxton run not only a horse camp but a glamping site. On the property are two cozy tents and an A-frame to provide an easygoing night. With full showers just a few feet away, heat and a plethora of farm animals out in the stable, the Claxtons are just hoping to facilitate a night of peace.

“The tents have everything in them so they have dishes, they have barbeque, snacks, microwave, refrigerator, in the summer we have air conditioning in them.” the husband and wife said to News 40 in an interview. 

Kristen said her and the rest of the family love camping and they had “tented it” a couple times, but admitted you could end up in a puddle if you put your tent in the wrong place. Kristen told the station that she just wanted to make their property feel like somewhere you would want to be. After pitching the tents back in October of 2021, the married team has been looking to make some add-ons in the future, potentially a kitchen house.

But the property still is originally a horse camp, so you can bring those along too if you wanted. Just let the Claxtons know, and you’re set.

Unfortunately, things aren’t done in the wave of a hand, but it was communicated genuinely that they try to be as accommodating as possible. “If people decide they want t have an anniversary weekend, we’ll do meal plans with people…” Mr. Claxton added.

The property is available on Airbnb, but Kristen advised that if you want to save a few bucks, then you could go directly to or call at 270-286-8130.

published 2022-12-29 11:32:28