A resort offering glamorous camping, known as glamping, is now open at Blackstrap Provincial Park.

The Blackstrap Glamping Resort is designed for people looking for a luxury camping experience.

Inside each of the four geodesic domes — overlooking Blackstrap Lake — is a king-sized bed on the main floor, a double bed on the upper loft, a kitchen and a bathroom with heated floors.

A dome can be booked online for $350 a night.

It’s been three years since business partners Josh Turner and Jane Rusbridge got the go-ahead from Saskatchewan’s parks ministry to build the resort.

“All summer there’s been construction going on and we’ve been working on it,” Rusbridge told CTV News.

To now accept online bookings, and welcome guests into the domes, Rusbridge said it’s “pretty surreal.”

Building the domes came with a lot of leg work and a few headaches.

“Oh it was extremely hard,” Turner said — now able to look back and laugh.

“I’ve probably watched 10,000 hours of YouTube videos on glamping domes.”

Turner got the idea to bring the domes to Blackstrap after seeing them while travelling in Europe.

The resort is planning to add barrel saunas and two more domes in the new year.


published 2024-01-04 03:51:00