MONTICELLO, Utah — A ‘glamping’ site in Southeastern Utah is rebuilding after a flash flood damaged property on Sunday.

Incredible video shows flood waters roaring thru ‘Glamping Canyonlands’, a property near Hwy 211 south of Canyonlands National Park.

“I have no words, I thought we would be closed for at least a minimum of a week,” said Keshia Joot, who owns Glamping Canyonlands with her husband. “I mean, people have lived here their whole life and they have never ever seen this.”

The flooding, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, badly damaged Hwy 211, which partially remains closed. The flood waters washed away the parking area at the glamping site and destroyed their water tank, which held drinking water.

“Huge holes in the ground, big boulders that came from up the ways there is, wasn’t ours but now it’s ours,” said Joot, who is in her second season running the glamping site. “Anything can happen, mother nature will do what she wants to do.”

Joot thought that it would take more than week for the site to reopen but members of the Monticello community stepped up to help get them back open.

“It’s definitely heartwarming to see so many people care, I mean people who don’t even know us just offering their assistance and offering to help us so, it’s amazing,” said Joot.

published 2022-08-20 13:02:46