Ellen Deane, who lives across Dyke Road from the Haney property, said she’s concerned about lighting from the project as well as additional trash along Dyke and Mutton Hollow roads.

“The lights will be right in our face,” Deane said.

Murphy said the lighting will be facing down and as unobtrusive to neighbors as possible.

“The people who stay here want to see the stars,” he said. “The idea is to have as minimal lighting as we need for people to get around.”

Greg Lawson, whose land adjoins the site, is most concerned about the extra traffic, especially at the stop sign at Mutton Hollow and Dyke roads.

“I’m concerned too about the traffic,” said Angela Shifflett. “When you go up Mutton Hollow Road it’s a narrow dirt road. If you look at it there is not a lot of room to expand that road. The river runs right beside some of it.”

Deane said she can’t even cross Dyke Road to get her mail because there are so many cars on there now.

“People just fly by,” said Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith, who also lives near the site of the proposed project.

Suzanne Lawson said recently someone just stopped in the middle of Dyke Road and when she passed them they had a map out to figure out where to go. The driver didn’t pull over, just stopped in the traffic lane.


published 2021-11-18 22:00:00