This special guest star was Luke, one of the zoo’s two pelicans. He’s a bit of a diva who likes to hog the limelight, pose for wefies, show off his impressive wingspan and display his ball-catching skills. But that’s to be expected when you’re so handsome.

I mean, he did angle his beak towards me and open it in a manner that gave the impression that he was trying to eat my head. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t think there are very many people in the world who can say they’ve played catch with a pelican – or spent the night sleeping with manatees, for that matter.

River Safari’s Glamping with the Manatees, which was first offered last December, will be returning from Mar 13 to 20. A tent that sleeps up to four people is S$999 for the upper deck and S$1,299 for the lower deck. Bookings commence on Feb 19 at 9am at

published 2021-02-19 05:48:00