The newest project by Québec-based Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects aims to peacefully immerse visitors into nature, while making a minimal architectural footprint. Reflection consists of two cabins, each with room for up to six persons in the main living area with fireplace, two enclosed bedrooms, a bathroom and an outdoor spa.

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The exterior of the cabins are clad in dark wood on three sides, creating the illusion of disappearing into the forest. The fourth side of each cabin is equipped with a fully-glazed façade that provides natural light to the interior space and views to the surrounding area.

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The identical units are located just 50 meters from each other with the openings facing opposite directions for privacy. The location is close to the popular ski resort Massif Petite-Rivière-Saint-François. The flat lot is accessible via an unpaved road that is connected to hiking trails. 

Interior of a room with forest outside

Wood is used throughout the spaces. There is an emphasis on contrast from the dark wood cladding outside and the interior living room, to the light pine that adorns the ceilings and underneath the eaves. 

Interior room with a table and chairs

Each cabin contains two modules that were prefabricated off site. This made for minimal site impact, but came with challenges in engineering mechanical connections between the modules once on-site. 

Building with a mirror-like glass that reflects the snow it sits on

The massive mirrored façades not only required special treatment during the build, but were designed with the wildlife in mind. To prevent injury to birds from impact with the windows, the client and the team decided on a product approved by the renowned Audubon Society. By discreetly installing bird deterrent window markers on the outside of the glass panes, it offered protection for the animals without obstructing human view.

Interior room with a chimney

“A nostalgic yearning for nature resides deep in the minds of many Canadians, often conceived as rustic log cabins tucked away in the woods,” stated a press release about the project. “Today’s travelers, however, seek comfort and poetry, something Reflection will also provide as guests immerse themselves in the surrounding forest.”

+ Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects 

Photography by Adrien Williams

published 2021-10-06 22:30:00