Yesterday, a disturbing footage surfaced on social media of what appears to be a grandma being assaulted by a man in a cap while threatening to hit her with a wooden pole.

You can watch the full clip here.

Grace Tai, who posted the video on the r/Malaysia subreddit, explained that the lady is their grandmother, and they lodged a police report and brought her to a hospital afterwards.

So what led to the incident? As explained by Grace…


The grandma and the man got into an argument over continued open burning of garbage

Uploaded by u/CHCH5089

Allegedly, the man is the operator (or one of the operators) of Baruh Glamping, a glamping site located in Tanjung Kling, Melaka. The operator(s) of the glamping site regularly burns garbage openly every few days, and as the glamping site happens to be in close proximity to Grace’s family home, diorang kena la the smoke which enters their house on the regular.

And it’s not like this has been happening only for the past few days – Grace, in a Facebook post she made about the incident – claimed that it’s been happening for years. This has, understandably affected her family’s quality of life, and this is all on top of the noise disturbances and renovation waste that the glamping site has allegedly produced.

Even worse, Grace said that nothing has been done about the open burning despite them complaining to various government agencies like the Malacca City Council, Ministry of Environment and Water, and even the police. Apparently, all the glamping site operator got were warning letters.

Everything came to a head yesterday when Grace’s grandma went to confront one of the operators. They had an argument, things got heated, and the man proceeded to physically assault the old lady.

In response, Baruh Glamping uploaded a clip on their Facebook page, and…


The operator claimed that the grandma threatened to hit his ‘mom’

Uploaded by u/Numerous_Emu_7905

The clip uploaded by Baruh Glamping showed the grandma and an unidentified woman trading harsh words, with the operator claiming that the grandma was threatening to hit his ‘mom’.

Well, we said ‘mom’ in quotation marks, because netizens have pointed out that there were inconsistencies in his explanation. Sekejap he said it’s his mom, sekejap he said it’s his nenek, sekejap staff pulak.

But all of the comments on this clip have been deleted since, and Baruh Glamping has also limited the ability for people to comment on their Facebook and Instagram posts.

What do Y’ALL think? Who do you think is in the right or wrong based on what you’ve seen here? Let us know in the comments.

published 2024-01-29 14:22:30