Mountain resorts offer the ultimate opportunity to soak in breathtaking views where the whole world lies below your feet. As Cebu transforms into a buzzing hub of busy souls and industries, finding a secret hideaway becomes crucial for a crowd-free reboot of your mind and body.

Guillen Plantaciones, dubbed “Baguio of Cebu,” is located at Sitio Gabi, Cantipla, Sudlon 2. This mountain retreat will tell the story of a newfound grandeur of Cebu’s hilltops while supporting the neighborhood.

“When my friends asked me to find a wonderful mountain spot, this mountain view is the one I could really say that I fell in love with,” said owner of the mountain farm and resort, Butch Guillen.

According to Butch, although this is a glamping experience combined with nature exploration, he highlighted that the resort provides unmatched opportunities for farming.

Guests have the unique privilege of personally harvesting their own produce and purchasing it at a significantly reduced market price.

In a heartwarming collaboration, this opportunity not only brings delight to the guests but also extends a helping hand to the dedicated farmers in the neighborhood. These passionate individuals are given the chance to nurture and tend to a diverse range of produce, from tomatoes, lettuces to cucumbers, even sweet strawberries and more.

It’s a beautiful synergy where guests and farmers come together, fostering a sense of community centered around the joy of farming.

During its grand opening on July 8, 2023, Butch took the opportunity to honor his loyal and trusted team members, which included farmers, helpers, construction workers, and more. Each of them was granted an elevated position where they could personally attend to the guests with utmost care and devotion.

“When we started conceiving this during the pandemic, our workers up to now are the locals here down to the farmers. We did not hire anyone from the outside but instead we kept the local farmers and provided them jobs to construct roads and gardens until it became a mountain resort farm,” said Butch.

With deep admiration for the locals’ commitment, Butch entrusted them with housekeeping, farming techniques, and pool maintenance. He reassured the guests that if anything went missing, the trustworthy locals would return it intact. A bond of trust and care flourished, which will make Guillen Plantaciones a beloved gem in Cebu.

“That’s the beauty that we also created while beautifying this area. When I bought this property three years ago, this is a barren land with no road access. We developed it and planted 350 pine trees and more bountiful plants,” said Butch.

Butch expressed his desire to promote organic farming and an eco-friendly menu sourced directly from the mountain resort and farm’s garden. This commitment ensures that guests can enjoy fresh, sustainable and chemical-free produce, fostering an environmentally conscious dining experience with his wife’s personal menu.

“We want everything to be fresh. If you look at the menu, we grow our own native chicken, and as much as possible we want this place to be sustainable,” said Butch.

At Guillen Plantaciones, solar power is harnessed for electricity, a vision that Butch and his family had long before the place was developed. The water source is also an underground spring, and the locals are encouraged to construct rainwater catchment systems, promoting sustainable water usage.

Their vision is to elevate hospitality to new heights and leave a lasting impression to the hearts of its visitors.

As the mountain farm and resort continue to grow, the Guillen family aims to support local crafts and traditions by providing training opportunities for locals, particularly women, in various activities.

Being devout Born Again Christians, the family has created a prayer room within the mountain farm and resort. Here, visitors can seek solace, meditate and connect with God amid the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

As the popularity of glamping rises, Guillen Plantaciones stands out by not only supporting the local community but also providing a diverse array of amenities and facilities that offer a truly unique way to explore Cebu.

Guillen Plantaciones offers A-shaped cottages with private toilets and showers. Each cottage features a bonfire area, while the Cliff resorts provide their own private pools. Additional amenities include an infinity pool, “Veranda Resto + Bar” for dining, ATV rides, horseback riding, a Wishing Well, a children’s playground, jogging/walking paths, a 360-degree viewing area, and a “Pick & Pay” section for harvesting vegetables and strawberries.

Future plans for the resort include a clubhouse for large gatherings and events, a wedding garden, zipline and other adventure trails, a firing and archery range, and an organic/hydroponic farm.

If one is looking for a meaningful retreat to fresh mountain air and incredible views, Guillen Plantaciones will make it worthwhile by unearthing the untapped beauty of Cebu’s majestic hilltops like never before.

published 2023-07-14 13:27:51