Imagine the faces of the campers all around, lowering the flame of the stove to the plastic table in amazement and shaking their heads slightly in gentle surprise. Their cars are based on the Fiat Ducato, VW Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter – and this on the current Rolls-Royce Phantom. What a beauty in the camp when the owners untie the wooden thread upwards like a butterfly spreading its wings. Underneath it, parasol, a nice bowl and carbon chairs are waiting to be served on an open dinner.

Terminus Private Museum

Yes, well – the event described above will probably never happen again. That is why Rolls-Royce presented the third of three Boat Tail models in Concorso d’Eleganza on Lake Como and not in the parking lot. One of the laptop was built for the son of a pearl manufacturer, who apparently already has an impressive collection of modern and sophisticated cars to call his own. An unnamed client places car treasuries in a private museum, where the Boat Tail will probably end up. Nothing with a camping trip.

Rolls Royce

A great dish for an airless dinner in the back of the car.

Even if the Rolls-Royce does not officially unveil, it can be observed that the 6.75-liter V12 which also runs the Phantom works under a powerful hood. We can only say with certainty about the obvious. Rosé, copper and cognac are the colors in which the product is made – leather, walnut and mother-of-pearl are used in the interior. In fact, most of the uniqueness has its price. Various sources are talking about up to 26.2 million euros, which makes Boat Tail the third most expensive new car in the world. Even before the already shown model, which went to a couple of musician Beyoncé and Jay-Z, or all the other, sometimes exaggerated, custom-made products from an elegant designer.

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In fact, for a small number of units, even the V12 does not harm the environment.

No. And in a luxury car, the engine should be silent, that is an electronic machine.

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Rolls-Royce proves once again that with minor changes required there are certainly no customer requirements that have not been met. The third and final model Boat Tail goes to the pearl maker’s son and is said to cost around 26.2 million euros.

published 2022-05-24 05:40:04