WRITE ON STUFF: There really is nothing like it. Travelling to a remote location with the family, just a few camping supplies, and the trusty tent.

But wait – where are the tent poles, why is there a rip in the tent that wasn’t there last year, and is the weather going to pack it in and ruin the trip?

While some people aren’t phased by these factors, and are ready to have fun in any conditions, these risks make camping a nightmare for some.

In recent years, those not keen to brave the conditions and stress of camping have been given an alternative – glamping.

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Glamping is a much more luxurious version of camping. It involves staying in more sturdy structures than tents, at sites that may have electricity, running water, showers, and real beds that are more comfortable than an air mattress. 

But is glamping too much, and an insult to real, hearty camping out in the elements? Or is it the perfect getaway old-school campers are missing out on?

Tell us whether camping or glamping is the life for you and why. The best submissions will be published in Stuff Nation. 

Valley Views Glamping/Supplied

Is camping or glamping better? Tell us why.

Have you made the switch from camping to glamping before, and what was your experience like? Knowing what you know now, do you prefer camping or glamping?

Have you had nightmare camping trips that made you make the switch to glamping?

Have you glamped before and hated it? Tell us why.   

Does glamping just sound too much to you, and why is camping your preferred getaway?

We’re looking for submissions of between 400-800 words (with photos or videos attached) to be published in Stuff Nation. To share why you prefer camping or glamping, hit the contribute button, or email: stuffnation@stuff.co.nz.


published 2023-01-21 00:32:03