Johor Has Secluded Cliffside Glamping Resort With View Of Sunset & Stars

As overseas travel was restricted during the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies in Singapore introduced glamping experiences for staycation seekers.

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Now that travel restrictions to Malaysia have finally been eased, Singaporeans can hop across the Causeway for an outdoor getaway once again.

One place to consider is Sea Horizon Resort in Johor, which lets guests go glamping with a stunning view of the South China Sea.

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Tucked away in a secluded fishing village, glampers can chill under the stars or watch the sun disappear into the vast South China Sea.

Cliffside glamping resort 1.5 hours from Johor airport

Sea Horizon Resort is a cliffside glamping resort that’s located in a fishing village in Sedili Besar, 1.5 hours away from Johor Senai Airport.

According to the official website, the resort draws inspiration from “the local people, culture and architecture” and promotes a “Mediterranean”-like seaside lifestyle.

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The resort is dotted with large luxurious tents that offer stunning views of the sea and sky.

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Each igloo dome comes with a huge bed for guests to relax on as they take in the surroundings of their own private paradise.

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You don’t even need to leave your tent to be treated to an Instagram-worthy view of the scenery.


The fun doesn’t stop even when the day ends — you can stay in bed to stargaze or go outside to marvel at the milky way.

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Activities for couples and families

In addition to their glamorous tents, Sea Horizon Resort offers visitors of all ages many different kinds of activities.

Thrill-seekers can go paragliding and see the cove’s vast plantation from up above.

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Kids and families can take a dip in the pool and soak up the sun.

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Wildlife enthusiasts can explore the beach at low tide to spot reef-dwelling sea creatures.

There are also hundreds of bird species in the area, so don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars.

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There’s also an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) adventure, where you can spend your afternoon traversing the mountainous terrain surrounded by lush greenery.

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Other activities include cycling, kayaking, a rope course, and various workshops.

Air-conditioned suites with private showers

Besides their glamping suites, Sea Horizon Resort offers other types of accommodations.

Their Deluxe Suite is a semi-detached unit that’s inspired by Greece’s iconic Santorini Cave Houses. It comes with two beds and accommodates up to three guests.

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Now that we can finally go overseas, it’s time to have that long-awaited group outing.

Large parties can opt for the Family Chalet, which has eight single beds.

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If you’re eager for an unobstructed view of the water, opt for their Seaview Suite, which overlooks the beach.

Source: Sea Horizon Resort

Prices start at S$64.22 (RM200) per night.

Time to start planning your holiday

Travel-starved Singaporeans can finally satisfy their wanderlust now that land borders have reopened.

If you’re itching to go on holiday, this is one destination that you can consider. What’s more, it’s relatively easy on the wallet.

Those keen can head to Sea Horizon Resort’s website to learn more and making a booking. Enjoy!

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Featured image adapted from Sea Horizon Resort, @s.yeeku on Instagram, @travellingsista on Instagram.

published 2022-04-15 16:25:01