Soiled sheets, moldy tents and insect-infested toilets were not what one glamper had in mind for her romantic staycation – but the company targeted by her ire says she was the problem.

Glamping Society hit back with fury after one unhappy camper went off online about how the reality of her S$300 (US$223) stay at Kranji Farm Resort failed to live up to “luxury” expectations.

“What she says is lots of untruths and slanderous,” Lily Kong, owner of Glamping Society told Coconuts today, in response to complaints by Leigh Cabanes, who shared photos Sunday of her “filthy” experience.

“If you are considering to try glamping in SG, stay away from Glamping Society. One word to describe their services and facilities: TRAGIC,” Cabanes wrote. “There is truly nothing ‘glam’ about Glamping Society unless your idea of glamour is a filthy, rundown tent with cheap decorations.”

Her photos showed a tent covered in green mold, yellow-stained linens from the one-star New Asia Star Hotel, and a urinal covered in ants. Cabanes claimed that the room, which she said resembled a “grisly crime scene,” had layers of dust and spider cobwebs. 

“It became obvious that these were throwaway linens that Glamping Society salvaged from the bins of budget hotels, New Asia Star Hotel in particular, which at least, has no pretences of luxury from what I can see from a quick Google search,” she wrote.

Cabanes had not responded to messages as of publication time.

But Kong described Cabanes as an out-of-control customer, saying she was “very snobbish” and even made their staff cry. She said Cabanes continued to complain about the resort’s dirty linens and toilets and only paid when they threatened to call the police.

Cabanes countered that the company took a “gangster-style” approach when she refused to pay in full. She said unmasked staff barged into the tent and “acted crazy” until the money was sent their way. Cabanes also claimed she was threatened over the phone.

“So friends, please save yourselves and help spread the word so no one else falls victim to such shameless racketeers who lie outright to get your business,” she wrote.

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