I have had wonderful experiences camping most of my life, from tent and trailer camping to excursions on the Appalachian Trail. Nothing compares to the exposure to the outdoors; for example the views, the fresh smells, the sounds (or lack thereof) and the availability of other features such as hiking trails. So, enjoyment of the camping experience requires, among other attributes: a view, a pleasing smell, limited noise and room to move around/explore. As I understand the Glamping proposal currently under consideration, there will be 144 camping accommodations (including roads, a store, a restaurant, and a pool) on a relatively small sized property with not much of a view, surrounded by fenced cattle grazing land and in very close proximity to busy traffic on Route 810 (Dyke Road). Wow! What could go wrong with this business investment?

Perhaps I overreact. Still in question, however, is what will the business do for (and to) the county and the surrounding neighborhoods.


published 2021-12-10 22:00:00