Western Greene County is a rural area composed of neighborhoods created by people who share a common interest to preserve their rural communities, such as ours. That interest is what we naturally expected would be shared by those people who were to build their homes and grow their families on land that is now the proposed Glamping site. We did not object to that proposed development because of the common bond and similar goals. Obviously, we do not have the same expectations for people who will come to the Glamping site. But they will bring us the increased traffic, noise, threat of fire, stray lighting, crime and reduced property values. The negative impact of this project would undeniably change the character of our rural community forever.

If you read the recent GCR article in support of the Glamping project by its co-founder, you will remember the mention of increased traffic, water consumption and noise associated with the proposed Glamping site. Dumping a 116-acre commercial enterprise composed of 234 proposed camping sites, 3 swimming pools, grocery store, restaurant and clubhouse all catering to approximately 500 people daily into a rural neighborhood would certainly have that impact. And who spends the capital to build a facility that is expected to have an annual occupancy rate of only 58%? Would it not be more reasonable to expect full occupancy in the spring, summer and fall months when critical water consumption (plus evaporative loss), traffic flow and noise levels would be at their peak.

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After reading the article, I am sure you noticed the section alluding to Sojourner’s support for Greene’s other communities. To me, that seemed to be more of a last-minute attempt to “divide and conquer” than an honest concern for our county. If Sojourner is “community friendly” why is it trying to force itself into a rural neighborhood that is adamantly opposed to its proposed location?

We can’t promise a monetary contribution nor a minuscule reduction in your real estate taxes. We can only appeal to your sense of community. The people in my neighborhood pay their taxes, support the school system, support local businesses and care about Greene County’s future as much as anyone. Please support our effort to protect the character of our rural community from commercial exploitation before it is too late.


published 2022-04-04 23:00:00