It is essential to understand that the choice before us for this property does not include leaving the land undeveloped. If the Sojourner group is turned away, our friends on Mutton Hollow Road can expect a 29-home subdivision on this property, complete with all the traffic and burden on our schools and services that comes with such a development.

Blending in with rural Greene is in everyone’s common interest and for Sojourner, it is business savvy. They wish to be a Skyline Drive, not an I-81, blending with what we have and showing off the beauty of Greene. To that end, the structures will be built using muted styles and colors, the lighting will be minimal and downward facing and the noise will be strictly limited. Again, that’s in their interest as well as ours.

Any argument about traffic is offset by the alternative of a 29-home subdivision; Route 810 is already a main county traveling route. We all know that the days of scant traffic on 810 are long gone. That said, the project is situated extremely close to

Route 33 and only requires less than 100 yards of travel on Mutton Hollow Road. There is no reason the site would increase traffic to the west on Mutton Hollow, and those residents can expect to maintain the quiet back-hollow road that they have always known.

The Sojourner Group is a serious player in the rapidly growing luxury camping space. They are well organized, experienced and well funded. Greene County needs to understand that if we don’t take advantage of this incredible opportunity to share our beauty and rural heritage and utilize our valuable position as a gateway to the Shenandoah, one of our neighboring counties is certain to reap the benefits that we chose to pass up.

published 2021-12-03 22:00:00