When we looked at the Swedish-designed Pol Lux earlier this year, it was still in the rendering stages. We weren’t sure the unconventional vessel would even make it further than that, but half a year later, it’s out touring and testing on the water. The unique RV features a stable catamaran platform, an electric powertrain charged via solar panels, a deployable tent, a modular deck layout and even an over-water hammock lounge. It’s a new way to enjoy the water all day and night.

After crafting the hull and putting the superstructure together over the summer, Pol held an official Lux world premiere at in Stockholm last month. It says the boat generated plenty of interest at the show and went on to serve as a support vessel for the ÖTILLÖ swim/run championship. It made its most recent appearance at the Hamnen Electric Boat Show last weekend in Stockholm.

Pol was still waiting on the completion of the tent fabric as of the Lux’s debut, so the boat has yet to show off its on-water camping capabilities in front of the camera. However, the company has tapped into the 18-kWh onboard battery to heat up a kettle, something you might call all-electric aquatic day camping. The boat’s front-mounted hammock lounge has also officially opened for business.

The hammock lounger is one of the Pol Lux features that distinguishes it as a fun, relaxing day boat and camper


The Lux deck is set up more like a camper than a typical catamaran, relying on a modular sofa layout to convert over into a bed at night. The tent fabric secures around the boat’s roof frame, creating a weatherproof barrier to protect slumberers from the elements. We’re sure Lux captains won’t want to make camp during raging storms destined to be recounted for decades by grizzled, leather-faced seamen, but the tent should be ample for the basic nighttime breezes and rain bursts.

Additional overnight guests can make use of the available hammock, which mounts to the vessel’s frame over top the helm station. However, even if someone sleeps sitting up on the outdoor bow hammock (we wouldn’t recommend it), the Lux looks way too cozy to accommodate anywhere near its full 13-person capacity overnight — owners will likely want to stick with daytime outings for hosting a full dozen friends.

Pol says the Lux can hit speeds up to 11 knots (20 km/h). Easing back to a 7-knot (13-km/h) cruising speed opens up a maximum range of 60 nautical miles (111 km/h). Sun sailing mode allows the vessel to edge forward at 4 knots (7 km/h) solely off of power harvested from the roof-mounted solar panels.

The Lux has an 18-kWh battery powering two electric motors
The Lux has an 18-kWh battery powering two electric motors


Pol is preparing the Lux for market launch and plans to offer it at a base price of €99,000 (approx. US$98,650) before VAT. Since an all-electric catamaran day boat is an attractive product on its own, the base price will not include the tent fabric. Pol plans to finalize pricing for that option in the coming weeks. It’s also currently offering Stockholm-based test rides for interested buyers.

Source: Pol


published 2022-10-31 19:34:46