Emerging South Korean design studio Archiworkshop has injected some serious style into its recently completed “Glamping for Glampers” project. Located in the mountainous region of Yang-Pyeong in South Korea, the remote glampsite features a series of luxurious “tents” which add some serious comfort to the traditional camping experience.

The five star luxury accommodation modules are somewhat of a hybrid between a tent and a cabin. Designed in two different formations – the circular Stacking Doughnut unit and the long and expandable Modular Flow unit – both have been built with wooden flooring and steel frames which are covered with a strong double layered membrane.

This covering has been specifically created to be UV, water and fire resistant and, according to Archiworkshop, is ideal for a wide variety of different climates. However, I’m guessing with very little insulation these units will heat up quite quickly in the summer and would be quite chilly in the winter.

Inside, guests can enjoy polished wooden flooring, comfortable real beds, a large living zone with modern furniture (also designed by Archiworkshop), small kitchenette and bathroom facilities. And if you’re wondering where the bathroom is when you flick through the gallery, it’s actually hidden within the two dramatic art walls.

The glampsite features a series of luxurious “tents” which adds some comfort to the traditional camping experience (Photo: June Young Lim)

The Stacking Doughnut unit features a central and private undercover deck that connects the master bedroom and the adjacent living room. The Modular Flow unit, on the other hand, stretches out onto a larger outdoor deck via its long interior living space. It also features a smaller deck at the rear of the tent that also provides access to the master bedroom.

Glamping for Glampers looks to be an ideal destination for eco-tourists who want to experience the outdoors but don’t want to bother with the fuss of camping.

Source: Archiworkshop via Dezeen


published 2022-02-26 18:34:43