Glamping is a fun way to connect with nature. Combining the elements of camping but with ultimate comfort, this form of travel has picked up in recent years, and several places now have specific glamping retreats or hotels that offer one the adventure of glamping within their premises. If you’re in Tamil Nadu and want to experience the tent life to come closer to nature, check out these glamping spots in the state!

Glamping destinations in Tamil Nadu

Kodai Igloo Camping

Among the glamping adventures, you can undertake is by Exoticamp. Their luxury glamping in Tamil Nadu is at Kodaikanal and offers you a stay in an igloo-shaped structure, complete with a transparent ceiling, super comfy beds, and a vast outdoor space for leisure activities, and more. The campsite has two such domes, making it a great place for four to six people to go and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Beyond Homes

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

If you want to spend some time in the wilderness, but in luxury, beyond Homes is a great option. With its peaceful vibe and lush greenery, be assured that the experience will be unmatched. The home tent comes fully equipped with air conditioning, and you can also host art performances and more in the communal spots at the property.

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Misty mornings, lush greenery, sweet-smelling air and the perfect temperature are what await you at this luxury glamping destination in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal. Luxeglamp offers a variety of tents/rooms for you to choose from, which come with amenities such as bathrooms, a private patio and more, for you to have the perfect weekend getaway amid nature.

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Jungle Hut

If you’re looking for a jungle stay to amp up your glamping experience, Jungle Hut is the place for you. Choose to stay in their tent and experience the camp life, while others in your group choose from the property’s huts on offer. Enjoy delectable food, the best of nature and birdwatching, or take a splash in the pool!

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My Village – Eco Rural Resort

Spread across 25 acres, My Village offers a space where you can indulge in the simplicities of life like our grandmas used to back in the day, complete with modern luxuries for the most comfortable stay. This glamping destination in Tamil Nadu offers tents and rooms for you to choose from, and the village-style architecture will help you reconnect with your roots, all in a clean, green environment that will make you appreciate the simplicities of life.

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Nannilam Organic Farm Stay

Farmstays are among the best ways to enjoy nature and greenery, and Nannilam Organic Farm is one such farm stay. Understand the farm way of life and spend time amid nature, while you rejuvenate over a weekend here. The place has professional tour guides, who offer exclusive experiences for you to indulge in.

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published 2022-04-24 14:30:14