“One of the reasons why we chose Greene was because of the rural character of the area,” Murphy said. “It’s in our interest to preserve it as much as it is yours as well. We don’t want to see this place change, and we don’t believe that we will. The idea is, if there’s a structure that’s not an accommodation unit, it should look and feel like a barn and look like it should be there. We want to compliment the natural landscape as much as we can using muted colors, so dark greens, browns, greys, things like that that will blend in as well.”

An artist’s rendering shows the differences between the proposed resort and the already-approved housing development.

The applicant also described in detail the 33 recommended conditions of the SUP including landscape boundary screening, total number of units, minimum setback from the property lines, fencing, quiet hours, storm water planning, fire suppression and more. All buildings would be at least 121 feet from the front property line and more than 50 feet from any property line, and the proposed facilities would be dark sky compliant, meaning all outdoor lighting would be directed downward and low to the ground to prevent light pollution from obscuring the night sky.

“About 373 feet off the main line is where the reception would be and the camp store,” Murphy said in regards to the site plan. “I know sometimes online I was hearing we were going to do a grocery store—it’s a camp store, for common amenities that people need when they camp if they want to barbecue or do s’mores, things like that. … I’m 100% happy to partner with local business to supply their goods. The idea is everything at the restaurant, the more can be from people in Greene or around Greene, the better it is for us.”


published 2021-12-28 01:00:00