Destined to be one of the most impressive tent designs of 2022, the Snow Peak Zekka launched in Japan several months ago. At the time, it wasn’t clear if or when it would be making its way to other markets, but it has now arrived in the United States. It’s certainly not the cheapest way to camp, but the Zekka is one of the most scenic glamping shelters on the market, putting a wide-stretching picture window array in front of up to six people.

If you ask us, relaxing while enjoying the local scenery is the single best part of camping. The worst? Probably zipping yourself behind clammy synthetic fabric and trying to fall asleep between bumpy ground and an insulated bag that always seems to sadistically alternate between 20 degrees too hot and 10 degrees too cold. Thankfully, Snow Peak brings some of the best part of camping to the worst part of camping.

Whether it’s finding use on the edge or floor of a canyon, on a hunk of coastline or in the mountains, the Zekka will no doubt look just as nice on the west side of the Pacific as it does perched on the bluffs of Japan. The sprawled-out modular tent doesn’t look to change at all in US spec, bringing the same 29-foot (8.8-m)-wide footprint and inner room tents. Most importantly, it has the same window-plastered curved front designed to invite in the local scenery and delete the divide between inside and outside.

The Zekka is the ultimate tent for setting up atop a bluff or mountain top

Snow Peak

The tent comes with the first inner room, which sets up in one corner to sleep up to three people. The second inner room is available optionally, adding an extra 8.8 lb (4 kg) to the main tent package’s 66-lb (30-kg) weight. With both inner rooms set up, the Zekka sleeps six people at the corners while offering a large communal center for dining, gathering and general sheltered relaxation. The main tent packs down into a package measuring roughly 36 x 14 x 16 inches (91 x 36 x 41 cm).

The Zekka is available for US order now at a price of $2,999.95, and the optional extra Inner Room costs $499.95. At that kind of price, it certainly won’t appeal to most campers, but it would make a nice glamping base camp or an add-on space for a luxury motorhome, caravan or even a home backyard.

Source: Snow Peak

published 2022-07-30 21:25:41