COFFEE SPRINGS, Ala. (WDHN)—A new trend in outdoor recreation nationwide can now be experienced in the rural wiregrass.

This month, Southern Comfort Glamping opened along the Geneva-Coffee County line outside of Coffee Springs.

Following the pandemic and recent acts of mass violence, it seems many are looking for a simple life when it comes to downtime.

This is not your grandfather’s camping. At Southern Comfort Glamping, you don’t have to sleep on the ground unless you want to. More than a dozen tents have beds, heating and cooling capabilities, and a chance to get back to nature.

The camper can take out a paddle boat and kayaks on the natural spring and catch fish.

Even before opening this month, the owner says she was pleasantly surprised to see a large number of potential customers on her website by folks nationwide looking to book.

Barbra Binn says “They want country, they want royal a way to put it. A lot of them are saying they are looking for houses here because they are tired of living in the city,”

“So that people get to know the people here that are doing the same thing and that way we feel they’ll tell other people so they come to live in a tent and enjoy it,” said Richard Brower

For one older couple, glamping means staying under the stars and enjoying the Simple life. No traffic congestion getting to your vacation destination.

Shirley and John Rock say “I like it, brings me way back to when I was younger. Getting away from everything and camping again, more like the older type for us old folks who don’t want to lie on the ground.”

Bigfoot is a nightly visitor, and he’s a big hit with the kids and especially their parents.

Hannah & Tristan says “And especially for us young people, you can bring your family out here and just want to spend time with your wife and kid this is the perfect spot.”

Binn says she’s receiving interest on her website from folks of all ages, and all walks of life looking to find the rustic life they’ve read about in history books.

published 2023-03-01 08:13:28