I live in New York City, but before I moved there, I was an avid off-grid camper.

The author camps at various sites across the southwest.

Joey Hadden/Insider

Before I became a New Yorker, I lived in Austin, Texas, where I regularly took camping road trips around the southwest. 

For weeks at a time, I would travel with a companion through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado to find the sweetest landscapes amidst national parks, state parks, and national forests. 

Since I was usually on a tight budget, I used freecampsites.net to find places to pitch my tent at night, or, when I couldn’t find one, even slept in the backseat of my travel companion’s car at the nearest rest stop or Walmart parking lot.

These were always off-grid experiences where the only amenity I saw was a fire pit.  

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published 2022-02-08 13:22:01