Glamping—it’s for those who adore the woods, the calm, the incredible vistas…and the port-a-potties, not so much. While a down sleeping bag is honestly the cosiest place you can wedge yourself, some feel more comfortable elevated a bit off the ground and prefer thread count to feather count in their linens. Add in the ability to simply cruise into the destination and not have to wrestle with tent poles (heh heh) or kindling—plus having electricity and a way to control the temperature—and suddenly glamping sounds like the greatest invention ever. Last year, 1.7 million Americans went into the woods with a little glamor added to their camping (glamor + camping = glamping). Now with the second annual Glampy Awards being announced this year by organizer and camping/booking app TheDyrt, you can get to the glampiest sites out there!

These don’t just offer “the comfort of home away from home”—no, these award-winning glamping sites are lavish and surprising and (we’re gonna borrow some language from a previous decade) off the hook.

For instance, the #1 glamping site, Space Cowboys in Texas, has a mirror space pod sprinkled on the desert floor like a giant’s marble. There are other options including yurts across this remote 10 acre expanse of desert with mountains in the distance. Sunsets here are all encompassing with these sightlines straight to the horizon.

Photograph: Courtesy Desert Glamping Getaway

At #2, the Desert Glamping Getaway in Arizona, the sleeping pods are hexagonal and include spectacular desert views. You have the opportunity, too, to engage with miniature goats and chickens as this site is linked to the Arcadian American Farms. There’s a hot tub and a hammock and trails with gorgeous cacti to explore.

A permanent canvas structure is in a clearing with many evergreens and mountains in distance
Photograph: Courtesy Jeff P. for

#3 is the 105 West Ranch in Colorado, set in the pristine mountains filled with aspens and other evergreens (100 acres worth), where you can stay in a geodesic dome or a tiny house and enjoy the three miles of private trails. Or, paddleboard on blue waters nearby.

Moving on to the rest of the list, we have:

4. Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa – North Carolina

5. Huttopia Southern Maine – Maine

6. Glamping Canyonlands – Utah

7. Grand Canyon Eco Retreat – Arizona

8. River Island Adventures – South Carolina

9. My Tiny Creekside Retreat – Washington

10. Emberglow Outdoor Resort – North Carolina

published 2023-06-08 03:01:17