From pandemic picnics to safari tent opulence, there’s a cup for every occasion, thanks to an explosion in drinkware for outdoor enjoyment. You can have a variety of rocks glasses, a giant martini-style sippy cup or even a sturdy pint glass with your favorite mountain rising from the base. Read on for the perfect drinkware for every occasion.

Orca: This company has been offering a wide range of drinking vessels for the great outdoors for years. They make a nice stemless wine glass, and rocks glasses – all with a whale-tail shaped closure on the top. This year, big stress calls for the Chasertini – a giant martini-shaped wonder that I prefer in bright red. It has a nice weight to it, and holds eight ounces of your favorite booze.

Yeti: The king of outdoor equipment offers many different designs, from a rocks glass to a can holder to keep your hard seltzer cold. I like the texture on the exterior of its ten-ounce wine cup – it feels good in your hand, and comes with the new “Mag Slider Lid” closure. Rather than a flimsy plastic slider, the thick piece over the sipping slot is held in place with a magnet. I accidentally dropped the whole thing on concrete, and the magnetic closure fell off but did not break.

Snowfox: This company also offers a wide range of drink cups – one of the widest ones I’ve seen, including champagne flutes. This year, I like the cocktail shaker, which you can get with matching rocks tumblers. The shaker is super-sturdy, with a rubber seal to keep drinks inside. The tumblers have a thin lip that is pleasant to drink from if you don’t use the plastic top.

North Drinkware: These are glass – so they’re not for rough and tumble hiking – although they do come in neat cardboard cylinders that will keep them safe for car camping vacations or trips to the lake house — honestly, they’d be great in your living room. Each glass has a relief map of a particular mountain pressed into the base — gift a mountain the recipient has climbed, or one they aspire to climbing.

High Camp Flask: I love the sleek modern look of these — the larger one will hold an entire bottle of wine (or a whole lot of bourbon), with cups attached at the top and bottom, making it easy to bring your booze along. Weighing just 29 oz., it slips easily into a pack while looking great on your Insta. Vacuum insulation keeps your spirits at a preferred drinking temperature and the tumblers, double-walled to work for both hot and cold beverages, are secured to the flask using a magnetic lock system.

Cocktail Kingdom: Looking for unbreakable replicas of Nick and Nora, crystal rocks glasses and other specialty cocktail glasses? The acrylic versions from this maker are high quality and pleasant to drink from. Stick a big cube into the rocks glass, add a shot of whiskey, and it will look like cut crystal.

Brutrek: These coffee experts have made a French press that is rugged as hell – I imagine you could toss it down the side of a mountain and it would emerge undamaged. But don’t do that, because then you won’t have any coffee…. The design of the press holds grounds away from the brew once you push the plunger. If you want something lightweight to sip from, add a couple of matching cups – the thin edge is nice to sip from, and together it makes a great gift.

published 2021-12-19 04:34:00