It’s surrounded by meteor rocks in the Texas desert, and 10 minutes from a national park.

Courtesy of The Dyrt camper Slava C.

These days, glampsites are found all over the world. But the term “glamping,” which is defined as “a form of camping that involves more luxuries not usually associated with traditional camping thus making it a more glamorous experience,” wasn’t added to the Oxford English Dictionary until 2016.

Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find a well-traveled person who hasn’t dipped their toe into the glamping world, a world where the experience can range from rustic to five-star. Glampsites can be wildly imaginative and take on many forms, including tree houses, geodesic domes, and A-frame cottages.

To sift through the millions of glampsites and highlight the best of the best, The Dyrt, a site with campground reviews, tips, and bookings, started the Glampys, an annual award that recognizes the best glampgrounds in the U.S. 

This year, the list was topped by a glampground with a mirrored space pod in the Texas desert. The pod, which has 360-degree, floor-to-ceiling views, is surrounded by meteor rocks. Other on-site accommodations include canvas tents and tent and RV sites. The pod, which is outfitted with a memory foam bed, fleece blankets, a fridge, a fan, and electric outlets, also has a laser system that lights up the roof of the pod with moving nebulas. The glampground, which is aptly called “Space Cowboys,” is set 10 minutes from Big Bend National Park near the Texas-Mexico border.

If space-y, desert vibes aren’t your cup of tea, the Glampys list also includes hexagon-shaped homes on a farm with miniature goats (No. 2) and A-frame cabins set along a river in Washington State (No. 9). Here, some of the newly named best glampgrounds in the U.S.

2. Desert Glamping Getaway, Arizona

<p>Courtesy of Desert Glamping Getaway</p>

Courtesy of Desert Glamping Getaway

It features hexagonal glamping pods with private fire pits set on a farm with chickens and miniature goats.

3. 105 West Ranch, Colorado

<p>Courtesy of The Dyrt camper Jeff P.</p>

Courtesy of The Dyrt camper Jeff P.

A geodesic dome and tiny home (and more!) set on more than 100 acres with private hiking trails and views of Pikes Peak.

4. Smoky Mountain Mangalitsa, North Carolina

<p>Courtesy of Smoky Mountain Mangalista</p>

Courtesy of Smoky Mountain Mangalista

A glampground on a pig farm with accommodations that include a river tent with idyllic views.

5. Huttopia Southern Maine, Maine

<p>Courtesy of Huttopia Southern Maine</p>

Courtesy of Huttopia Southern Maine

This glampground has two-bedroom tents and tiny houses with glass walls set in a forest near a freshwater pond.

6. Glamping Canyonlands, Utah

<p>Courtesy of Glamping Canyonlands</p>

Courtesy of Glamping Canyonlands

A sun-powered glampground outside Canyonlands National Park with bell tents, a canvas wall tent, and a pod.

7. Grand Canyon Eco Retreat, Arizona

<p>Courtesy of Grand Canyon Eco Retreat</p>

Courtesy of Grand Canyon Eco Retreat

An off-the-grid glampground with a cold plunge, open-air showers, an A-frame cabin, and yurts.

8. River Island Adventures, South Carolina

<p>Courtesy of River Island Adventures</p>

Courtesy of River Island Adventures

A water-focused glampground with a private island in the middle of a river where you can camp overnight.

9. My Tiny Creekside Retreat in Washington

<p>Courtesy of My Tiny Creekside Retreat</p>

Courtesy of My Tiny Creekside Retreat

An A-frame cabin set along the river with side walls that can be removed to create an open-air home.

10. Emberglow Outdoor Resort in North Carolina

<p>Courtesy of Emberglow Outdoor Resort</p>

Courtesy of Emberglow Outdoor Resort

A large glampground with accommodations that include tree houses, vintage campers, safari tents, and yurts.

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published 2023-06-10 10:26:14