With its circular shape and compact footprint of just 5.45 m (17 ft) in diameter, the LumiPod, by French firm Lumicene, is best suited as a weekend retreat or glamping unit, rather than full-time home. The novel dwelling is fronted by generous glazing that can be slid open when the weather suits.

The LumiPod comprises a steel structure and a wood exterior burnt using the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique of charring wood to preserve it. It’s installed on four stilts that screw into the ground and assembly takes two days.

The interior has a floorspace of around 17 sq m (182 sq ft). Most of this is taken up by a bedroom area at the front, which contains a double bed facing the glazing (a patented design by Lumicene that slides open on rails), plus some wardrobe space. Blinds are installed for privacy.

At the rear is a small technical room for housing the wiring, an electric water heater and the like, while nearby lies a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet – and that’s it, there’s no cooking facilities or living room in this model. It’s decked out in a wooden floor, walls and ceiling as standard, though as usual with prefab homes there are multiple options available.

The LumiPod has a floorspace of around 17 sq m (182 sq ft)


The LumiPod is kept a comfortable temperature with a small Mitsubishi air-conditioning unit and must currently be connected to mains hookups. However, Lumicene is currently working on a fully off-grid version that the firm hopes to have ready for order in 2020.

For now though, the standard LumiPod is available to order from France, with worldwide shipping available. Delivery time is expected within six months, but we’ve no word on the price.

Source: Lumicene


published 2022-03-12 10:16:10