Creative communications agency, Top Banana, has recently completed a successful 27-event roadshow with the AA across the UK and Ireland.

Following some business successes, challenges and change, the AA wanted to bring their 2,700 patrols together to not only update them on some key business messages but to have valuable face to face, two-way conversation with each employee.

The roadshow took place over a six-week period covering 14 locations throughout the UK with each location hosting two events per day. Top Banana worked closely with the team at the AA to create an engaging and balanced agenda based around the three-tiered strategy, using a mix of presentation, breakouts and team activities to engage the audience and land messages with impact.

Jez Audus, Client Services Director, Top Banana (pictured) commented “The patrols are at the heart of the AA but as they are field based and often work in remote locations it can be difficult to communicate important business messages effectively. Through a roadshow approach, the AA was able to communicate face to face with all 2,700 of its patrols whilst ensuring minimum disruption to the business and customer service.”

He continues “Feedback form the team at the AA was fantastic and patrols appreciated the opportunity to understand the strategic direction for the business and have direct dialogue with the Director of Roadside Delivery about the issues that were most important to them.”

Top Banana have since launched a guide to roadshows that provides top tips and advice on how to take your communications on the road.

published 2018-09-03 21:03:05