WACO, TX — Some call it luxury camping, glamorous camping, or more commonly “glamping.”

And in the heart of Central Texas, you’ll find a unique retreat where nature and luxury meet.

It’s a term that was created over a decade ago to describe an elevated form of camping. Now glamping has become a big part of outdoor recreation. At Camp Fimfo off Lake Shore Drive in Waco, you’ll find they bridge the gap between traditional camping and all the comforts of home.

“We’re glamping at its best, honestly,” said Brian Crownover, Camp Fimfo’s guest experience manager.

Crownover said their 211 acres along the Bosque will someday be able to accommodate up to a thousand guests enjoying camping of all sorts.

“Some people go rogue and they have their tents and they want to experience the weather and the heat and the cold,” said Crownover. “But for some people, I guess the term glamping was coined with air conditioning and softer beds and a way to get out of the weather when your kids and all that are kind of tired of it. So we built these cabins that can hold up to 12 three bedrooms, very soft mattresses, TVs, microwaves, and refrigerators. So glamping is a fun term.”

Waco’s Camp Fimfo just opened in July and is still a work in progress. Eventually, there will be 150 cabins and 150 RV sites.

“We kind of split in half for the people that really want to go camp and then the people that have RV and stuff and like to travel with their families,” said Crownover. “We’re kind of pushing getting kids outside, getting families back outside. A lot of our activities that we run are very craft oriented. We do tie-dye shirts, we do little wooden coasters that we cut out where you can paint things like that, ornaments. We’re very family oriented, so kids playing, and adults having a good time … in our business, that’s what it’s all about.”

You don’t have to be an overnight camper to enjoy the amenities at Waco’s Camp Fimfo.

“You can do a day pass too as well if you wanted to come out and enjoy the pool. We have a pool with a no-dive bar and we also have a waterpark for the kids,” Crownover said. “A couple of slides. There’s some water guns you can shoot at each other. It’s a good time. Right next to that, we have yard games, cornhole, horseshoes, things like that, and then down a little way we have mini golf. It’s included.”

The mess hall is open to the public as well.

“We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Crownover. “And then we have to Squirrelly Tavern, which is right next to the mess hall. We have a wonderful chef, Sean Kelly, who’s doing a lot of great things in the city, put together a great menu and it’s very popular.”

You can make reservations through a website called Camp Spot and there’s a call center.

“We have people on every day to take reservations and walk you through what you need to know and if you have any questions,” said Crownover. “We’re more than happy to answer.”

And what does Fimfo mean? They say you have to stay and figure it out.

So, if your version of “roughing it” also includes electricity, running water, and delicious food—you know, the creature comforts, that’s what a glamping trip is all about.


published 2022-09-21 14:02:41