The world is changing, and traveling is changing with it. One-size-fits-all
vacations are no longer desirable. We no longer want to just admire the
outside world – we want to live in it. We want to explore on our terms and
immerse ourselves in local culture. The world’s most significantly beautiful
locations can be explored at finest through glamping, a fusion of glamour
and camping. Lodging is nestled in the middle of our ranch. You also can
upgrade your wagon, tipi or tent with views of the canyon rim.

Glamping in a covered wagon allows one to reconnect with nature, yet enjoy resort amenities. For those who enjoy luxury traveling and frequent camping, a
covered wagon is the BEST of both worlds.
Family. In each of our wagons for 2 and 6 people, comes with a king
size bed by itself, or a king size bed with 2 sets of bunk beds.
Each wagon is equipped with AC/Heating, Shower & Restrooms, wagon
wheel table, chairs and nightstands

published 2022-04-05 18:13:47