With the pandemic receding and people eager to go back to the pre-Covid way of life, travel is slowly but surely picking up. Bengalureans are opting to spend time amidst nature. Camping is so yesterday for Bengalureans who are now moving towards ‘glamping’, where one goes and camps in a cabin-like structure which comes along with several amenities. So, unlike traditional camping, you don’t have to lug items on this trip. 

Located around Bengaluru and nearby driving locations, some people are planning their trips to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Lifestyle blogger Swapna Venkatesh recently visited Birds Eye Estate in Chikmagalur and stayed in a geodesic tent, a spherical structure made of interconnected triangles. Sharing her experience, she says, “I love being out in nature, away from the crowd of the city. There’s a certain thrill in carrying your gear, climbing high and going camping but there’s a lot of preparation that goes into it. Instead of that, I opted for a place that already has some camping set-ups ready.” She points out that the interiors of the tent aren’t exposed to the “sleeping under the stars experience” but the various amenities available makes it a comfortable stay.

“You’ll be given a stove to cook with, electric plugs, fully-functional washrooms with a shower attached and a comfortable bed to sleep on, something that most camping experiences lack,” explains Venkatesh. She has also stayed in container tents which are shipping containers transformed into a cabin. “It has all the similar facilities and glamping is a great experience if you want to cut-off from everything and spend a few days with nature. And with glamping, all you have to do is pack your suitcase, carry some snacks  and everything else will be provided,” she adds.

Photographer Auditya Venkatesh and his family, including six dogs, trooped to Kodaikanal to stay at Xacro Experience where he booked two geodesic tents in the three-acre property with. “I thought it would be best if I booked the whole space, so our dogs could run around freely. We have more than enough space in the dome as there’s sufficient storage space for you to make coffee and other necessary amenities. We were also provided with food,” explains Venkatesh, who says having a Wi-Fi connection also allows people to work from the location. To complete the camping experience, glamping also comes with bonfires and trek options. “We weren’t disappointed with the experience at all because we already knew all the amenities that would be provided. We even got to see a few bison around and enjoyed the beautiful location from the deck just outside the dome,” says Venkatesh. 

According to Pranitha Badrinath of Birds Eye Estate, this new concept is becoming popular among travellers. “We have two domes available at R5,000 each. We’ve been booked out every weekend since we launched in 2021 but it’s only for people who really want to be away from the city. We don’t provide Wi-Fi so it’s not ideal for those working,” she explains. Amit Shetty, CEO and founder of Campmonk, a tour operator, points out that there’s a new glamping property coming up in Bannerghatta next month. “We’re planning 10 glamping units that also has a private lake. This way, people can have a great glamping experience without having to drive too far away from the city,” he explains.


published 2022-02-23 20:06:00