Last April 10 in a glamping, located in the municipality of Manta, Cundinamarca, the case of a couple who died because they were in a serious state of intoxication was reported, although the authorities have not given an official report, the first hypotheses indicate that it was due to a gas leak from a heater that was in the place.

The victims were identified as Fabian Sarmiento, 44 years old and football referee, and Yamile Riaño, 38, was a company administrator. Both lived in Ubaté.

Claudia Marcela Riaño, sister of one of the victims, Deisy Yamile Riaño gave more details about what happened with her sister and companion. To Caracol News, the woman related that “my sister’s situation can happen to anyone.”

“My sister travels to Manta with her boyfriend on Saturday, April 9, after he was working as a football referee and then they head to glampling, after they were in a swimming pool,” Riaño revealed.

He added that “when they arrived at the site, there was a gas heater, which was very badly installed with a PVC pipe, so they made the decision to open the heater without imagining that that heater had a leak”.

Riaño pointed out that in the morning his sister did not wake up and until 1 pm or 2 pm, the glamping owner tries to hit to verify what was happening, but when they did not get an answer they decide to enter the place through a window, upon entering they find the couple dying.

“The glamping owners said that the tragedy was caused by the use of psychoactive substances and my sister did not have any substances in her body and neither did my brother-in-law”, Marcela Riaño.

“The coroner all the time reported that my sister’s body had carbon monoxide,” Riaño said, arguing that the owner’s version of the hosting site is wrong.

For now, the authorities have not commented on the matter, but the family has asked for an investigation to determine the causes of the couple’s death, but the two families are asking for speed and justice in the face of what happened to their relatives.

It should be recalled that, in a glamping site in Manizales, in January of this year, an accident occurred, when a family of four, who were staying in one of those places, were burned by the heating failure.

Although the situation left no fatalities, three of those affected had severe burners. Apparently a fire was caused by a pebereto in the centerpiece of the table, which caught fire when it got hot. People who were at the time told that, when lighting the object with alcohol, an explosion was heard and they tried to run and leave the place.

One of the most affected was a woman, who had alcohol, there was an explosion and they tried to run and leave the place. While their children had burns on their arms and lips.

These places have become very popular. It is that during 2021 these projects took a lot of force in the country. These places of rest became an emerging trend that combines the best of both worlds: establishments with facilities and comforts of a good standard hotel, but in suitable areas and with settings similar to those of country life. Already its name is a revelation: glamping combines glamour and camping.

published 2022-04-24 19:06:25